Jennifer Love Hewitt Is a Knockout at WWE Event (PHOTOS)

Jennifer Love Hewitt had the photographers and onlookers in a headlock on Thursday night, courtesy of some stunning styling and her trademark smile.

As JLH hit the red carpet of the WWE's SummerSlam event at the Andaz in Los Angeles, it was obvious that everything was working in her favor. The form-fitting pink dress, the wavy hair that parted perfectly on her forehead -- girl looked good!

Hewitt's love life has been in the news in recent weeks, thanks to some internet romance that played out for the world to see. She sparked up a relationship via Twitter The Bachelorette runner-up Ben Flajnik, eventually going on a date with the reality star.

Only time will tell if he's the one for her!



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  • pakou thao
    pakou thao

    I like that one is party pink dress .

  • Lita

    Who is trying so hard to make this chick happen? "Stop trying to make fetch (JLH) happen Gretchen!!" The top part of the dress is pretty flattering though.

  • Cecily

    Oh, I agree that she's a beautiful woman, I just don't think she looks that great here. She has looked WAY better. That dress is doing weird things both to her bust and her hips and makes her look so much bigger than she is. She has a great body, and this dress is hiding it.

  • MeloD

    Puh LEASE. If anyone says that she looks terrible here, I'd like to see your facebook picture. The girl is soo pretty, and she is working that dress. I don't care if you don't like her, but admit when she's looking fly. And she isn't desperate. She's gorgeous and can have any guy she wants, she just goes after what she seeks.

  • LP

    JLH is desperate

  • Cecily

    Did JLH write this herself? I'm thinking she looks slightly worse than ordinary here... What's with the glowing review?