Kellan Lutz on Fashion Line: ‘I Didn’t Just Want to be the Face of Something’ (PHOTOS)

Kellan Lutz's Sexiest Looks!
The Twilight hottie bares it all!
The delicious and equally nice Kellan Lutz made an in-store appearance at Nordstom at The Grove in LA, where he introduced the Dylan George and Abbot + Main Fall 2011 collections. And seriously…it’s pretty great!

Kellan chatted about the new line, what hobby Robert Pattinson introduced him to, and cleared up some Ashley Greene rumors. So let’s get to it:

“I love fashion, it’s a throw back to my modeling days,” Lutz told us at Nordstroms. “When Danny Guez [Dylan + George  founder] and I — he was looking for a new celebrity collaborator. He had done William Rast, had so much experience in the fashion world, he’s up there. It was a good fit. I wanted to learn about it, I didn’t just want to be the face of something.”

The clothes are very casual, and definitely have a beachy look.

“I moved to Venice, and what I wear now — it’s layered and it’s comfortable. Nothing loud, just me,” Kellan dished. “It’s all about fabrics. They’re trendsetters there. So we raided my closet and started sending emails back and forth, we’d Skype because I was shooting Breaking Dawn and just went back and forth.”

“I’m glad it took this long because we’re doing it right,” Kellan smiled. “I’m so happy with it.”

So are we! Celebuzz’s female staffers agree that we would totally date guys who wore these clothes.

But fashion isn’t his only hobby. What else does he do in his free time? Play the guitar! Any guesses as to who he looks up to to learn?

Kellan said Robert Pattinson and Jackson Rathbone!

Lutz gushed more about his Twilight costars to our pals over at the LA Times like how he hopes for an invite to Nikki Reed’s wedding and how he and Ashley would be “housemates” not roommates. Check it out!

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