Lady Gaga Ditches Crazy Couture for a Black Dress (PHOTOS)

Gaga Rocks 'Kimmel'
The Lady belts out hits on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.'
Lady Gaga took a night off from her high-fashion-all-the-the-time persona on Thursday night in Los Angeles, as Mama Monster was spotted out and about wearing … well, something that any other person might wear!

That’s not to say her outfit didn’t have some character — and expense — to it. Gaga was seen leaving La Maison De Fashion in Los Angeles rocking a black dress with a big yellow-and-purple sketch on it, along with some Christian Louboutin heels (we did say there was some expense to it). Aside from a pair of oversized shades, that was it — no gigantic solar system hat, nothing made of meat.

In other Gaga news, fans should stay tuned to her Twitter, as she recently announced that for her thousandth tweet, she’d be dropping the video for “You and I.” At the time of this publication (7:50am EST on August 12), she’s at 993 tweets. Get ready!

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