Reader’s Respond: Should Lady Gaga Dress Down More Often?

Considering Lady Gaga showed up to this year’s Grammys in an egg, it pretty much goes without saying that you should expect the unexpected from Mother Monster.

Which is why people were a little stunned when she showed up to La Maison De Fashion in LA on Thursday night wearing this relatively tame ensemble. No fishnets, not crazy colored wigs, no towering heels — just a dress, black pumps and long blonde hair.

Celebuzz kind of likes that LG went outside of (her) box and went with a simple look, but some of our readers on Facebook weren’t exactly agreeing with us.

Chastity H. said:

“No, keep it crazy! Normal is boring. Crazy, you get to dress odd and weird! Its like halloween everyday! But without the candy. I like her style, and if she wants to stay that way, she can. Shes just awesome like that :)”

But many fans said they would love Gaga no matter what.

Kimberlee S. said:

“She can wear ANYTHING!! She is AWESOME!! Luv her (heart sign)”

Bidisha D. said:

“I love her any way! Crazy makes her different and I love how she embraces being different and inspires so many. Pretty is boring. So many forgettable pretty people around. Pretty and crazy seals the deal.”

We think Kristy B. said it best: “As long as shes not wearing meat its all good!”

Why not keep the debate going? Sound off in the comments with your thoughts on if MM should keep is casual every now and then!

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