Yellow Polka Dot Bikini Style Showdown: Geri Halliwell vs. Candice Swanepoel (POLL)


One sexy yellow polka dot bikini, two hot ladies!

Both former Spice Girl Geri Halliwell and Victoria's Secret model Candice Swanepoel were seen wearing this sexy suit this week, and of course we wanted to get our readers' opinions on who wore the suit best!

While they're not exactly the same (Geri went with some ruffled bottoms and Candice mix and matched with some striped bottoms), the tops were definitely the same.

So, Celebuzz readers, who rocked this bikini best? Candice? Or Geri?

Cast your vote in the poll!



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  • danielleakame

    hmmm how about the professional bikini model? lol Candice Swanepoel for the win by a landslide

  • howard

    the 'Swanepoel' girl really rocks the -i have a very tight body model mode-. wow. more photos at the DailyMail site are worth checking out dudes.

  • Jacqueline D. Cruz
    Jacqueline D. Cruz

    really now, how could you guys do this to 'Ginger Spice' this is a LANdSLiDE, smh