Crayon-Colored Hair Trend: How-To Get the Look (PHOTOS)

Dying to give your hair a pop of color like Snooki, or an all-over super bold hue like Katy Perry and Rihanna? The latest celebrity hair trend is all about crayon-inspired colors that really make a statement!

Celebuzz turned to celebrity hairstylist Andrea Rothstein for the 411 on this emerging hair trend, from how to get and maintain the look to the best brands and tips for doing it yourself.

How its done?
There are a few different ways to achieve this look. One of course would be wearing funky colored wigs (as many celebs do), but you want to make sure you get a good quality natural human hair wig; otherwise they will look very fake and Halloweeny! The second way is extensions. There are clip-on extensions available in a wide array of colors and are super easy to apply on yourself. You can also have your hairstylist apply colored extensions that can last a few months. The third way is with hair color.

If this is bad for your hair?
The color itself is very minimally damaging because you have to pre-lighten the hair before applying. They are usually no-lift, ammonia-free deposit only dye.

Are there are specific brands of color that are best?
Professional companies have been making huge strides … Redken (Hi-Fusion), Paul Mitchell (Inkworks), Tigi Colour (Mix Master) and Pravana (ChromaSilk Vivids). I personally use Redken Hi-Fusion to achieve an intense fiery red on my own hair!

Can it be done at home?
My recommendation is almost always to leave it in the hands of the professionals for vibrant, long-lasting results. However, if your hair is already pre-lightened and you really want to do it yourself, I would suggest using a product like Manic Panic.  If you dont have pre-lightened hair see a pro. I do not recommend lightening your own hair! The absolute best way to do it at home would be to use the Clip-On Extensions I mentioned earlier; they’re easy to use and interchangeable!

How long does it last?
“Crayon colors are very high-maintenance! They usually only hold their vibrancy for 2-3 weeks, depending on how often you wash your hair and other environmental factors. The pro companies are making these kinds of color more vibrant and last longer. The Manic Panic colors usually only last through a few shampoos. The professional extensions I mentioned earlier don’t fade at all and they can stay in your hair for months with the occasional tightening — also, they are super easy to remove.

Will it be hard to cover with another color?
This is where these types of colors get tricky! They can sometimes be a bit hard to get out of the hair due to the amount of pigment they have. If going to a more natural or darker color, it shouldn’t be too hard to cover.