Lady Gaga Gets Caught In a Photographer Frenzy (PHOTOS)

When you refer to yourself as the Fame Monster, then perhaps you should expect mob situations like Lady Gaga experienced on Friday night.

Most of the time, Gaga and other celebs can sneak into studios without anyone knowing and leave in the same manner. For some reason on Friday, almost everyone in Hollywood knew that Gaga was holed up in a West Hollywood recording studio, and they amassed outside waiting for a glimpse of the always-interestingly-dressed pop icon.

As she emerged, flashbulbs popped, fans screamed and markers were shoved at her in the hopes of an autograph. The entire time, with a big old smile on her face (hey, it’s no secret the girl likes attention).

In just a few weeks, Gaga will hit the MTV Video Music Awards, and chances are, you remember her dress from last year’s show, as it was made up entirely of steak.

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