Little Leather Dress: Hollywood’s Hot New Go-To Outfit (PHOTOS)

Coral & Purple Trend
Celebs step out in coral and purple color combo!
Everyone’s heard of the little black dress, but what about the LLD — the little leather dress?

Even with the heat of summer upon us, celebrities, actresses and anyone in-the-fashion-know has been slinking into leather dresses of all colors. Sure, there have been black leather dresses over time, but what about orange or brown? Those are the ones catching our eye of late, as everyone from Nicole Richie to Blake Lively have ditched the comfort of cotton for the looks of leather.

Click through the gallery of these leather-loving ladies … and we’ve even thrown in a pair of leather shorts or pants in there for good measure. Take a gander and then jump on over to our Facebook page to let us know what you think about the trend!