Battle of the Hot Nicoles! (PHOTOS)

Does it get any hotter than these Hollywood ladies named Nicole?

Whether it's Pussycat Doll turned X Factor judge Nicole Scherzinger, Twilight doll Nikki Reed, or hot moms Nicole Richie and Nicole Kidman, there are some seriously stunning Nicoles in our midst!

So, which one of these ladies with the cute moniker is the hottest?

The only way we'll know is if you cast your vote!

Also, be sure to check out some hot Johns below!



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  • TaNicole

    Nicole looks the best! and she is the hottest! love u nik

  • Nicole

    Nikki Reed obviously, but Nicole Kidman comes second.

  • MISHAL33

    nicoles the prettiest red head goin!!

  • May

    Kidman is very classy. Reed is wearing a top without the bottoms.

  • Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel
    Jacqui Ethridge Van Tassel

    Kidman is BY FAR the classiest!

  • Courtney Puzzo
    Courtney Puzzo

    so what there's always been names in hollywood that are shared by multiple stars-psuedo stars Jean Joan Joanne Joanna Kelly Pamela & Patricia among them.