Bridal Gown Designer Anne Barge Predicts Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Dress

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Although Kim Kardashian has already revealed her wedding dress designer, we’ve yet to learn about the most important thing — the gown itself! Since Kim’s wedding is quickly approaching, it’s not wonder everyone’s been talking about what the blushing bride will be wearing down the aisle.

Celebuzz has decided to take the burning question to Anne Barge, one of bridal industry’s biggest names, and let her predict how the reality starlet will look on her special day. Not only did the designer give us an illustrated interpretation but, according to Barge, drama will ensue!

Tell us how you think Kim will look for her big day.

I thought that, because she’s very dramatic, she shouldn’t lose that sense of self. I thought that it would be great to combine the traditional lace with something really considered a bridal look. I thought of combining the drama and shape of the mermaid dress for her with the one-shoulder look–combining that embellished shoulder and stepping up the lace a bit by using three-dimensional beading and embroidery on it.

What fashion accessories would you recommend for Kim?

If she does a veil, I would definitely go for a long veil. If she does a dress with lace, I would definitely recommend a veil with a lace trim or lace embellishments, and definitely done in trampoline or cathedral length. I wouldn’t probably do a necklace but beautiful chandelier earrings, which would be enough because the dress we came up with is so ornate.

Speaking of dramatic dresses, would you recommend a train as well?

Oh, definitely! I’d most assuredly do a cathedral length train because it’s the only time in your life you can have a train. A bridal gown just has to have a train to me. It is a traditional element that adds to the drama of it.

Let’s talk bouquets. How would you it to accent the gown?

I would do a bouquet that is almost reminiscent of the one Princess Diana carried in 1981—something that is just long rather than the ones these days where it’s short and round. I don’t think those are formal enough or dramatic enough for a bride like Kim. I think she should do something that is just trailing with a lot of different bridal flowers, maybe even some ivy trailing out of it to touch the hem of her dress and such–something very long and poetic.

Now the tricky thing is always the “something blue”. What should Kim do for that?

I love the idea of something like an ice blue silk satin shoe. It’s something very subtle so it’s not like, “Here comes the shoe!” It doesn’t jump out at you like something with a dark red color. The fact that it’s something like a baby blue and very faint would be very beautiful with her dress.

In terms of bridal gowns, what are some upcoming trends for brides?

Everything has been very texturized in the last year so we’re feeling a return to clean classic lines but with embellishments. I have a strong feeling that the clean lines continue since it is very traditional, but the embellishments make it unique in a different way because it’s something more dimensional and not flat on the dress. Dresses can be combined with beading or a Chantilly herbal lace with a tiny sequenced background in the lining so there’s sparkle coming through the lace. We’re definitely feeling the lace and simplified, classic, and refined lines–the clean and classic look with embellishments.

Kate Middleton’s wedding obviously made an impact on brides. Do you think Kim’s dress will do the same?

I think with Kate Middleton, it was such a total change from the strapless mode that everybody’s been in. The sleeve and the v-neck were the real important message for Kate Middleton. It was very traditional looking. I think with Kim’s dress, because she is such a followed celebrity and has such an impact on fashion, there’s no doubt that she will have a great impact on what girls are asking for.

What do you Kim’s wedding dress will look like? Sound off in the comments below!