Demi Lovato Makes a Big Comeback at Do Something Awards (PHOTOS)

Ladies and gentlemen, in case you had any doubts, Demi Lovato is officially back.

The young starlet, who in the latter end of 2010 and through much of this year has been struggling her way through rehab and recovery, performed live for the first time since leaving the Jonas Brothers tour last year, and did so in style at the Do Something Awards. From her initial red carpet look as she arrived, you could tell there was a glimmer in the eye and a newfound confidence in Lovato, which guided her as she belted out her hit song “Skyscraper” during the show.

With a huge smile on her face as she stood in front of the microphone, it’s easy to see that not only was the performance a huge relief for Demi, but also a major accomplishment.

Even before her performance, Demi was feeling the love from her Twitter fans, who were giving their words of support all day on Sunday. “Thank you so much for all the amazing comments today!!! I love you all!!!” Lovato wrote in response — and she even passed 4 million followers on Sunday!

You can catch Demi’s performance when the Do Something Awards air on VH1 this Thursday, August 18. For now, just enjoy the official video for “Skyscraper” — which has racked up nearly 16 million views — below:

Though the awards ceremony doesn’t air until Thursday, someone at the show recorded her performance. Though you can’t see her really, check out the audio below. She sounds pretty good!

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