First Look at Kendall & Kylie Jenner's New Photo Shoot!


Kylie and Kendall Jenner just gave fans a glimpse of their shoot they are on right now with Nick Saglimbeni- one of Kim Kardashian's favorite photographers.

"Here’s a little sneak peek of what’s going on today on the shoot with Nick Saglimbeni!! I can’t wait for you guys to see the rest of the pics. It’s been such a fun day!!!" Kylie posted on their blog today.

"At my shoot with @nicksaglimbeni! Here’s a pic! :)" Kendall (on the left in case you can't tell) added.

Can't wait to see the rest of the pics!



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  • Katty

    Both of em are super cute,bt i thnk dey r way too young 4 dis stuff,specially kylie.

  • Sarah Jenner
    Sarah Jenner

    no matter what anyone says you two are truly amazing and an inspiration to every teenage girl across the whole world!!! you are my idols ILOVEYOU! <3 xxxxx

  • Dianna fauste
    Dianna fauste

    Both of them are absolutley gorgeous .

  • kewlgirl

    they both look so beautiful but i think i like kylie's own more it stands out more

  • Rita

    Yeah, I agree with what you're saying, but as long as they don't take it too far, I think to each their own...but, these two are not "Kardashians" - their dad is Bruce Jenner, and he's still alive. =)

  • emerald6546

    Ya know how one can look at older photos and make fun of those ridiculous hair styles? Well, these girls should start doing that now. They look like drag queens....and I really don't mean any insult to drag queens.

  • jeri

    they are both lovely girls, but their mom is such a effing pimp with her daughters, it's gross. Like can they just be kids still, kriss, or are you really gonna make them do the ho stroll before they are even old enough to drive??? UGH, bad mom award.

  • Lindsay

    Ok I was keeping up with the kardashiens all the time! But im still not sure which one of you are older!? Big ? For me and it would be great to know!

  • Prince Eric Mackey
    Prince Eric Mackey

    Please be nice ok Ty

  • johnmichael24

    These girls wearing their sexy clothes like that makes you wanna bone them dosen't it, men these girls are so hot.

  • Julie

    I'm surprised Pimp mom Kris isn't having more kids to pimp out. Where does it end? They were such cute girls and now she's made them look cheap like her #1 ho daughter Kim.

  • Rebekah

    3 words stunning gorgeous pretty: love use

  • Diederik

    Is that all there is?? Pffffffffff

  • S.ukker

    Don't believe the HYPE

  • Oliver

    girls are lovely but I can't help but think that Kris is just pimping her children.

  • michelle

    U GUYS R BEING REALLY ANNOYING!! PEOPLE WHO ARE SAYING KYLIE ISN"T A NATURAL--uhhh give her a break she has only done 3-4 photoshoots, SHE IS GETTING USED TO IT. and obviously having so much fun with it. HAVE U GUYS SEEN THE SEARS CRUSH YOUR STYLE VIDEOS? she is an amazing actress AND MODEL. so haters stfu

  • TL

    Their lack of talent is Not surprising - same vacant expressions on their faces as in every pictorial that they do.

  • Collette Ojeda
    Collette Ojeda

    They're both gorgeous girls. But I do agree with other posters, they're so young and trying to look too old too fast. Let them enjoy their youth. In Hollywood it doesn't last long!

  • You all trash
    You all trash

    Seriously you all nasty pedofiles always looking at the youngest girls. No they are not beautifull Kim and her younger sister are hot but why looking at these young chidlren and mastrubate on it? i puke on you all.

  • sona

    lovely young girls!!! wow!

  • insha miller
    insha miller

    NO ITS NOT!!!!!!! STOPP BEIN SO NATY SHE'S ONLY 14!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Taylor

    Kendall looks great.. Kylies hair don't suit her face is like too much hair kinda exaggerated

  • Just Saying..
    Just Saying..

    To be 100% honest (in my opinion of course).. Kendall is a born model. She has it all, in regards to looks and natural passion with the camera. Kylie on the other hand, looks to be trying too hard. I don't know if Kylie will do well in modeling. In other words, it doesn't seem to come natural to her. I think she wants to do it, but I just don't see in Kylie's eyes what I see in Kendall. She might just be trying to fill the foot steps of her sister. Just saying.

  • Liz

    the product of money, and easy lifestyle and photoshop. im totally jealous by the way!

  • yueshalom

    kylie hair Rocks

  • Lyle frm sa
    Lyle frm sa

    Wow gals ul r truli growing,ul luk outa dis world wonda wat ul gna luk lyk saturday 4 kim wedn

  • carla

    They are pretty girls. It is sad that they are going to be marketed just like the whole famous for just being related. I don't think their dad would have approved.

  • Aylin ozbebek
    Aylin ozbebek

    Wow amazing only if my sister had the chance to do what Kendall and Kylie do amazing girls

  • likeaboss

    Um they look like preserved life sized toy dolls ITS HONESTLY REALLY CREEPY. And people wonder why there are pedophiles increasing in todays society. Its like kids today want a pedophiles attention so desperately.

  • lizeth

    wow...they're really pretty..they are small but they look all grown up :) i love keeping up with the kardashians <<3

  • totalgleek1477

    UBER jealous of these two. they are soo pretty! they are too perfect. great skin, gorgeous hair, great family, some people get all the luck

  • Tami

    Beautiful girls! Hopefully they will stay grounded and not become another hollywood "statistic". Sadly, the odds are not i their favor.

  • Chelsey Conlon
    Chelsey Conlon

    Kendall looks like she could be Fran Dreschers daughter

  • pamlin

    no thanks to the curls

  • Sharon Flasher
    Sharon Flasher

    Yes they are Beautiful Kris has some excellent genes all her children are beautiful and so is the little grandson Mason. :)

  • lmw931

    wow they both look really pretty, kylie looks the older one in the picture but still very pretty

  • Hardy the Captain
    Hardy the Captain

    Gotta <3 that '80s hair! I'm diggin' it!

  • Just Sayin...
    Just Sayin...

    Kendall is the natural Model.. Kylie is pretty but not really a model.. She looks like she got into her sisters closet and is playing dress up.. She should just find her passion and stick with it.. I think she feels to much pressure because all of her sisters have modeling photos.. Why cant Bruce or Kris see this? Its sad that they are pushing her this way.. Look at that 80s hair how sad..

  • La Batoulette
    La Batoulette

    As beautiful and stunning as they look, they still too young, specially Kylie for strapless dresses and all that. But they're gorgeous dont get me wrong.

  • Sandra Niven
    Sandra Niven

    These young women are just BEAUTIFUL....Kris Jenner you make fabulous looking children for sure. And Bruce I know you helped. I hope their careers are most successful. My best to all of you. I love watching you show. Sandi Niven

  • Gertrude Noel Jeune
    Gertrude Noel Jeune

    OMG! Curlie hair IS definetly Kylie's best hairstyle! She look amazing!