Happy Birthday, Jennifer Lawrence! Her Hottest Looks (PHOTOS)

Meet the 'Games' Cast
Get to know the 'Hunger' cast and who's in talks.
This might be the last year that Jennifer Lawrence can celebrate her birthday with some privacy, as 2012 will likely be the year she turns into an absolute superstar.

Lawrence turns 22 today (August 15), and while she’s already achieved more success than many in Hollywood thanks to her Oscar nomination for Best Actress for Winter’s Bone, J-Law has some big, big things ahead. She’s landed the lead role of Katniss in The Hunger Games movies, which is pretty much a shoe-in to become the next big franchise a la Twilight.

So, to celebrate Lawrence’s big day, we’ve whipped up some of her absolute finest red carpet moments to honor the bombshell soon-to-be-superstar.