‘Housewives’ Daughter Ashlee Holmes Gets Fresh Ink (PHOTO)

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This Jersey girl had to have it! Ashley Holmes, the 19-year-old daughter of Real Housewives of New Jersey castmate Jacqueline Laurita, took to her Buzznet blog to show off her new ink. 

She says of the tattoo: “I’ve been wanting this tattoo for a while now, so I finally decided to just go ahead and get it today. Life is short– why not? right?”

As for why she chose the gold skull design?

“I chose to get this because I’m not going to be back on the east coast,” she writes. “My absolute favorite place to be in the city is Goldbar. I’m there all the time. I can safely say that EVERY SINGLE ONE of my friends and I have had AT LEAST one amazing night that has either started or ended at Goldbar. Anyway, Goldbar is most known for the gold skulls that line the walls of the interior.”

While that’s all fun and games, Ashlee reveals there is a deeper meaning.

“Basically, I drew this up to remember what I have back in NYC while I’m away,” she explains. “If you notice, the gold skull is cracked. Most skull tattoos are usually drawn with a crack or two in them. However, I purposely drew a crack on it to remind myself that that lifestyle I was living (although fun) wasn’t the best thing for me at this stage in my life. The little crack is there to remind myself to take it easy. Key word: MODERATION. (As in I don’t want to break the skull by wearing it out.. ya know? This tattoo helps me to remind myself that I’m making the right decision by going to LA to get my life in order. It’s also my little piece of NYC that I can carry with me wherever I go.”