Megan & Liz Cover Selena Gomez’s ‘Love You Like a Love Song’ (VIDEO)

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With a nod to their roots, Megan & Liz have taken to their YouTube to do a cover song! Using a simple bedroom as a backdrop, he twin sisters cover “Love You Like a Love Song” by Selena Gomez.

Although the motif is similar to their YouTube posts from back in the day, this new clip is more like a professional music video than a “traditional” Megan & Liz cover. For one thing, the girls get some clever costume changes — including a slick montage of them wearing various hipster glasses.

There are also some tricked out lighting effects and sweet dance moves. How does the song compare to the original?

While a little more stripped down, the track is right on beat — with fans commenting they like it as much or more than SelGo’s version! Tell us your thoughts in the comments below. 

The girls have certainly been keeping busy, after finding fame through their YouTube channel vids, they released a series of original songs and debuted the videos right here on Celebuzz! The twins sisters are ecstatic about taking the next big step in their career, as are we, but it’s also nice to see them covering one of our favorite summer songs just for fun!

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