Readers’ Respond: What Do You Think of the Name Haven Garner for Jessica Alba’s New Daughter?

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Jessica Alba gave birth over the weekend to her second daughter, Haven Garner Warren and we asked our Celebuzz readers on both Facebook and on our website to let us know what they thought of the baby girl’s name. The outpouring of comments were rather positive with a few nay sayers. 

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Ronald Christina Johnson gushed over Haven Garner, writing on Facebook: “I love the name!”

Alaina Christensen, however, was not a fan, saying: “Lame, that’s no girl’s name.”

Alaa Al-Ansari loved the name, writing on FB:  “Haven Garner sounds like a beautiful name.”

Danielle Falcone agreed, commenting:  “I think the name is very cute. Now ad-ays, a lot of people are making boy names into girl names. Some boy names are cute for girls cause some of the names sound like girls anyway.”

Melissa Mitzi Werre-Perry wasn’t a fan, Facebooking: “Why can not the celebrities use regular names like theirs and ours? Why make the kid an odd ball to get teased at school?”

Maddy Caraballo wrote: “I love Jessica but she named her first daughter Honor … so I expected this one to have an unusual name also … but it’s her daughter so it is what it is … all that matters is that Haven is healthy…Congrats to them :-)”

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