Teen Bride Courtney Stodden Does Pamela Anderson (PHOTO)

Courtney Stodden Pamela Anderson Look
Who is Courtney Stodden?
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Holy high-cut! The vivacious (and 16-year-old) Courtney Stodden just posted a series of racy pics on her Facebook in which she dons a TV-inspired swimsuit. Doing her best Baywatch babe impersonation, the young bride tweeted one of the pics, saying: "Just completed my session; Court does Pam!" 

Prior to posting that message, she was clearly excited about the shoot, saying, "A soft sensation sweetly kisses my body as I prepare for a sexy hot photo shoot this afternoon. What a breathtaking morning it has been!

The 16-year-old grabbed the attention of the nation with her marriage to a man 35 years her elder.  

Since breaking the news of their marriage, the public has become fascinated with the couple — thanks not just in part to the age difference, but Stodden’s looks and personality which have led many to speculate that she’s had plastic surgery done and may be older than 16.

Celebuzz contacted Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Dr. Paul S. Nassif,  who examined Courtney for GMA after critics blasted her for having plastic surgery. After personally looking at her, he says, “I don’t see any signs of plastic surgery.”

The couple recently gave an interview to Good Morning America in which they explained how they met (online), why people should accept their relationship and whether Courtney’s, um, assets are real. Later that week, they hit E! for another interview, in which Stodden dubbed Hutchison a “tiger’ in the bedroom. Enjoy that here.

Courtney Stodden on GMA
Court talks about how she met her hubby. Read More »


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  • lucky

    sadly hun she is almost 17. Its just face lifts maybe on that to breast implants! How i know she came from MY home town in wash. state..and i never knew her but my mom's co-workers son went to school with her.

  • DanMingo

    She digs older men, so no problem, right?

  • Anuschka Mumenthaler
    Anuschka Mumenthaler

    no one can be like pambo

  • danielleakame

    nice arm band...lol i guess she missed the 1990 memo that they weren't cool anymore...oh wait she wasn't alive yet. ha i made myself lol

  • dustglitterrain01

    Her parents must be proud :|

  • sona

    The 16-year-old grabbed the attention of the nation with her marriage to a man 35 years her elder! OMG REALLY???? he's a PEDOPHILE PEOPLE! omg!

  • kewlgirl

    trying to hard in all the possible ways..........

  • kewlgirl

    i agree 100%

  • sona

    she looks like someone who is 45 and got boob implants and lifting and all that fucking stuff to look younger

  • jwblackpride

    Pretty hot white chick

  • Ruby

    I find her really unattractive. She looks like she's about 46, not 16!

  • diggerdog

    what the fuck celebuzz, this is discustiing, why would you put her pictures on here, she is 16, older men go on this site.

  • courtneybaaaby

    dont i look good ;) haha

  • Kaylee Collison
    Kaylee Collison

    just clicked over to her twitter....it is utterly disturbing...utterly. i just have no idea what is going on with this girl and why she is trying so damn hard to sexually exploit herself it seems :(, i hope to god she really isn't just 17...

  • Nick

    At the same age, Pam Anderson was so much hotter.

  • Cameron Salvant
    Cameron Salvant


  • Amanda R. McNeal
    Amanda R. McNeal

    She looks like a mix between a trash bag & a hooker! Just sayin'!!

  • Deanna Wahl
    Deanna Wahl

    I think I just threw up in mouth a bit...

  • Tony Gentile
    Tony Gentile

    I think she misunderstood when her dentist told her she needed to floss...

  • anon