Darren Criss Arrives On Set of His First Feature Film! (PHOTOS)

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Did you know he plays the kazoo?!?
It looks like Darren Criss is ready for his close up!

The Glee star made a huge splash on the small screen over the past year, but now he’s taking on the big screen in Kristen Wiigs latest film. The 24-year-old actor made his way to the set in Queens, New York on Tuesday afternoon and was looking cute and casual in a gray T-shirt, and even waved to the onlooking photogs.

So, what can we expect to see in Darren’s first role on the silver screen?

In Imogene, out sometime in 2013, Darren will play the much younger love interest of Kristen’s character, who has to move back in with her mother after a failed, fake suicide attempt to win back her boyfriend.

While Darren is on the East coast filming this flick, many of his Glee co-stars are already back at McKinley High. Check out some photos of the cast on set below.

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