Happy Birthday Madonna! See Her Extreme Evolution (PHOTOS)

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If you don’t have at least a few Madonna tracks on your iPod, you must have something against good music. Believe it or not, her first release was “Everybody” in October 1982. After nearly 30 years on the charts, she’s rumored to be working on a brand-new album of material, with a new single expected at the beginning of next year. 

At 53 today (August 16), she’s one of the most prolific women in music with an influence on the industry like no other. Even Glee noted her impact with a special tribute episode dedicated to the “Material Girl” called The Power of Madonna.  

Through it all, she has become known as the master of reinvention by constantly changing her image. To celebrate her special day, Celebuzz presents some of her most iconic looks!

Madonna has also made a name (and created various looks) for herself in movies and received a Golden Globe nomination as the titular character in the movie musical Evita. She has now stepped behind the lens and is currently directing her second film, W.E. in London. 

Beyond that, she has a successful clothing line sold at H&M, as well as a fashion collaboration with her daughter Lola

Madonna has another child, called Rocco, from her marriage to Guy Richie. She has two other children, David and Mercy, whom she adopted from Mawali, a region of the world close to her heart. She has not only made the plight of the people a subject of a documentary but also started a charity to help the children living in the impoverished nation. 

With all the good work, and good works, to her name — we can’t wait to see what’s next! Do you have a favorite Madonna song? Tell us in the comments below. One of our favorites is below — “Vogue” — as performed during her Reinvention Tour.

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