Kim Kardashian’s Wedding Hair Style: ‘Darker & More Natural’

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Although most details about Kim Kardashian’s weekend wedding has remained unwraps, Celebuzz caught up with her exclusive colorist to get some dish about how the blushing bride will look on her big day.

Rebecca Friedman, celebrity colorist and co-owner of Goodform Salon in Hollywood, famously turned Kim’s raven black locks to honey blond. And now she’s gearing up for all the last minute plans to make sure the reality star’s hair looks perfect when she walks down the aisle to wed Kris Humphries.

“Last week, I went to her house. We took her hair darker. I had made her a bit lighter for the summer with a chocolate-brown color, so I made her new color darker and more natural,” Rebecca dished. 

But the colorist isn’t done just yet. She’ll be driving back to Los Angeles to put a gloss on and add a darker texture to Kim’s hair. “It’s tricky going dark again, so we’re going to coat it a few times before her big wedding,” she added.

Although Rebecca doesn’t know exactly how Kim’s hair will be styled for the wedding, she has worked with her long enough to predict that she’ll probably “wear her hair down” to show off her darker locks. “She is keeping [her hairstyle] under wraps. A lot stuff will all come down to the last minute,” she adds.

With Kim getting these hair treatments in the comfort of own her home, the two have been able to dish all about Kim’s big day. “She’s really excited… But of course, it’s overwhelming with a lot of planning — and when you’re a celebrity, it makes it that much more intense,” the celebrity colorist added.

Meanwhile, Rebecca admits this current coloring is much easier than when she dyed Kim’s hair blond in 2009. “The first time I took her blond, I was like, ‘This is going to be quite a project.’ Going blond was the biggest challenge to date… That is the most she’d ever dyed her hair, but she was brave, relaxed and mellow.”

As for the trendy crayon-colored hair look, Rebecca is a fan — but refuses to ever let Kim dye her hair that way.

“On the right person, it is fantastic. But just because it’s a trend doesn’t mean you should get it done… As for Kim, that’s not really her thing… She never usually asks for anything too outrageous.”