Natalia Kills Releases US Debut, Reveals Beauty Secret: ‘Sex and Shopping’

Lookout Lady Gaga?!?

She’s been making a name for herself in the UK (and what a name!), now Natalia Kills is hitting the States with her debut album, Perfectionist.

Celebuzz had a chance to talk to this musical “killer” about her awesome name, her new album, and being compared to Mother Monster (who just so happened to release her brand-new video today).

You have a GREAT stage name! How did it come about?
Thank you! I wanted to find a way to describe myself so that people could get an immediate sense of who I am. My real name is Natalia… and Kills isn’t in the murderous meaning but when you give 100-percent of your passion to something you love, you “kill it.” I’m a perfectionist and I’m very passionate about my music.

Who are some of the artists that have inspired you?
I love emotional artists, people who write honestly about their opinions and experiences. I love Kate Bush and Alanis Morissette — their joy and pain is so refreshing and timeless.

How would you describe your sound?
Dark pop, revenge pop, kill your ex pop… its basically pop with an opinion.

Do comparisons to other artists (Britney, Gaga, Rihanna, etc.) bother or flatter you?
It’s lovely that people can see so much potential in me as other artists who are so successful! 

Your Life Ball performance was awesome! Do you work with other charities you’d like to mention?
I loved Life Ball!! It was one of the best nights of my life! I also support Pencils of Promise – it’s a non-profit based in NYC that build schools in small communities in need around the world.

You’ve been working since you were very young, can you tell us how you got started and what led you to the stage?
I knew I had to live a creative life and be a performer of some kind, but I thought I was meant to be an actress. I was wrong though. I really didn’t want to be a character, I wanted to be the creator, not the creation. Song writing is much better for me.

Do you have a specific exercise or diet that you follow to look so good?
Sex and shopping.

Lastly, we all have bad days…what do you do to get over yours?
I usually either write a song about it or smash his car. It just depends.

The debut Natalia Kills album is out today and available on iTunes.