NBC’s ‘Whitney’ Tackles the Awkwardness of Sexy Role-Playing (VIDEO)

Sponsored Post: Whitney is not your conventional girl: she’s opinionated, she’s bold, and she isn’t in a hurry to get married. Maybe that’s why she is the newest character to join NBC’s Thursday comedy line-up!

Giving Parks and Recreation’s Leslie Knope and 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon a run for their money as the channel’s wackiest personality, Whitney isn’t afraid to just be herself–even if her real self is clumsy and somewhat inappropriate at times.

Who names their sexy alter ego Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman anyways? Only Whitney!

In NBC’s new trailer for the show, Whitney addresses the issue that most couples-in-a-rut face: to roleplay or not to roleplay? Whitney being Whitney, things definitely spiral out of control and ends in a visit to the emergency room. Check out her (mis)adventures in the teaser above!

For more hilarity, tune in September 22 on NBC to start seeing things Whitney’s way!