Readers Respond: Will Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Continue Dating When ‘Twilight’ Ends?

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We all know that immortal vampire couple Edward and Bella will be by each other’s side until the end of time, but can the same be said about Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart?

Although the two have never officially confirmed that they are an item, it’s pretty obvious to see these two can’t get enough of each other, despite their hectic work schedules.

So when we reported that R-Pattz was seen at Adele’s concert in LA on Monday while K-Stew filmed Snow White and the Huntsman in England, we ask our readers on Facebook whether or not they think their love can go the distance, and survive when all the Twilight films are said and done.

Misty D thinks these two will be together for quite some time saying: “yes i do”

Lindsay S. doesn’t think that these two can survive post-Twilight, and said: “No. Co-stars get together and have whirlwind romances that only last for a short time after the series they work on it over, and then they start work on a new project with a new co-star and the process starts all over again.”

Lily T. isn’t 100 percent sure what will happen, but said: “I Hope….. They Are Perfect but Together”

Cameron G. thinks these two are a match made in heaven: “One is goofy and the other is awkward and they seem perfect for each other. They seem like some fun people to hang around and definitely aren’t typical hollywood which is why people like them so much.”

Keep the debate going! Sound off in the comments if YOU think these two will stay together for the long haul in the comments!