Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart Work Apart, Still Together

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Robert Pattinson was one of the many celebs who hit up Adele's show at The Greek Theater in Los Angeles Monday night. Along with Dianna Agron, Jessica Simpson, Christina Aguilera and tons of other celebs, Rob was spotted watching the amazing singer do her thing in front of a sold-out crowd.

So where is Kristen Stewart? Blogs are crumbling at the thought they are "partying separately." Is everyone forgetting she is in London working?

Heaven forbid a celebrity go anywhere without their significant other! Especially when they are on different continents.

Stewart is busy filming Snow White and the Huntsman in the UK while Rob is in LA. He has been taking meetings and was spotted on the Sony lot this week.

One of R-Pattz's best buds Sam Bradley is also in town and the two have been spotted around Los Angeles having low-key nights.

Sources tell Celebuzz Rob and Kristen are "just fine." They are a couple that has worked apart before. Just wait, our favorite on and offscreen duo will reunite before you know it!

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  • lololol

    Haaaaa who are you to be calling anyone five when you can't even spell crowd. Reality check?

  • Habibe

    I'm so happy they are together they are a good couple hope they stay together for EVER :)

  • emma

    so glad to hear they are together and in love. people need to get over themselves kstew and rpatz are together for the long haul!

  • nina

    wow, you have a crowed that believes you? what are you all, 5 yrs old????

  • nina

    he's not doing BD soundrack. that one is produced by another record labe, not Sony. Whatever he's doing, it's got nothing to do with that film

  • okay

    Then you should respect their wishes to not publicly put their relationship status out on the internet. Just sayin..

  • oniszko2

    Can only tell you bits and pieces. Rob is recording, He has a wonderful voice. Kris and Rob are just fine, very tight. He is staying at their home in LA (kris & rob's) home. Sam Bradley is there. When he is finished he will go to London.,like I said before, they have this all planned out in advance, that's how they are. He just got new script for Unbound Captives and there is also another movie in the works, can't say now...

  • katieginnc

    Ever since my daughter left the twisaga bks home from going to college, I have been following the robsten & the saga. It has been 3 yrs. now. i guess i am just curious, like many others..trying to keep up with their projects & all. really don't understand it. glad to hear he is recording again. so he went to see adele-great choice, as she is a great singer. hope the couple endures.

  • Dawn

    Don't worry not all of Rob and Kristen's fans are paranoid lunatics that need to pick on every comment they read. I like your comments and have no reason to question them. I just like to occasionally google search my favorite movie stars after I get my two little boys to bed. I love reading the comments because they end up being more entertaining than the articles most of the time! I need to go now and cuddle up with my hubby who's name happens to be Rob and watch a show not on nick junior for the first time today. Have a good night oniszlo2.

  • May

    upcoming projects and when is Rob heading to london

  • oniszko2

    what info. do you want..

  • Cristina Kozain
    Cristina Kozain

    yes, Thank you Celebuzz

  • May

    oniszko2 can u give us more details about Robsten?

  • oniszko2

    I am not giving you any info that you have not already heard, I am on this board to see only what is going on.

  • oniszko2

    Noah shut up your funny...But anyway Rob and Kris are just fine, and I would say by the beginning of next week he will be in London, they have this all planned they know what they are doing...They love each other and trust each, Rob may have been out but it was with either Sam Bradley and their buddies, he was not out with women, trust me, if he was their would be pictures all over the place.......Love them both

  • lili

    you people need to stop blaming "insecure"robsten fans,it's not them at all, reported that rob was in LA cheating and partying and that kristen was in london also Cheating,so it's not robsten fans.everybody knows that hollywoodlife lies like they breathe

  • Noah

    My sources have just confirmed that Robert Pattinson was dumped by Kristen Stewart earlier this week because she is now in love with Wesley Snipes, who everyone knows is a much cooler vampire (Blade). Even though Wesley Snipes is currently in prison for tax evasion, I think this is a HUGE upgrade for KStew. [img][/img]

  • Lindy

    Thank you, Celebuzz. I appreciate this post. I am just so sick of these insecure Robsten fans who obsess over them (to the point where it's ridiculous) freaking out when Rob and Kristen have some distance separating them for the time-being because of work. I'm a very big fan of of them, don't get me wrong. But I don't start panicking when they're apart for a little while because I have a life of my own to worry about! I'm not putting myself in theirs. And really, fans who are already freaking out about this temporary distance separation...I don't even consider them real fans because that shows me that they don't truly believe in Rob and Kristen. Watch! Probably by next week Rob will end up in London with her. Just wait for it.

  • anon207

    Not to dispute what you're saying, because I'm a fan of the couple (separate or together, but hopefully together), but you do know that in interviews with their closest friends, their friends always say that they value that friendship too much to discuss it with the public. Kind of like how Rob and Kristen say that they would talk about their relationship if they were trying to sell it.

  • oniszko2

    Yes I do.....

  • curious

    And you know them personally? Interesting...

  • jenny

    Thanks a lot. When I saw Kristen wearing Rob's clothes, I akready knew that there would be a long time frame to wait before reunification! LOL! But do you know what they are celebrating when they hit Soho(London & LA) at the same time?

  • nina

    why are twihards so weird about them working apart? good god, they are like nosey aunts always bothering them and asking about thieir love lives!

  • oniszko2

    Rob just received a new script for Unbound Captives, on Friday, they will begin filming in the Spring, also he just recorded an album this week and should be done today or tomorrow, he and Kristen are just fine, they love each other he will be with her very very soon...

  • Kim

    Of course they're fine. They have a relationship that has endured long separations due to their films. I'm sure Rob will be in London to spend time with not only Kristen, but his family and friends. Even if they had broken up, why would he hide in LA and not be in his own time? Doesn't make any sense. BTW, Kristen looked absolutely stunning on the new W magazine cover. Can't wait to see her new movie and to find out what Rob has lined up next.

  • Melissa

    Rob was in studio working in bd soundtrack