Stars in Stars Style Showdown: Kim Kardashian vs. Beyonce (POLL)


Kim Kardashian and Beyonce Knowles are such trend setters, it's no wonder they're both sporting this hot look!

On the latest cover of InStyle, BK was looking lovely in a short, glittery mini, while Kim was sporting a similar (but a little different) look while shooting the cover of Arabian Harper's Bazaar.

Obviously, both of these ladies shine, but which one really made a statement?

Cast your vote in the poll to let us know who YOU think wore it best!

Also, be sure to take a look at more stars wearing stars below!



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  • Say What
    Say What

    It'll be quite the moment when Kim's daughter (future) asks her why she doesn't have mommy's lips, chest and rump.

  • Cameron Salvant
    Cameron Salvant

    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii""kool guy! i am sorry ""my kool commity called"""me dey:;;said its was important now i see why::how can we compare:;;rokie:;to:;a senior"'player in the game"" yes ms kardishian e is beautiful"'but she can,t compare to mrs beyounce mrs beyounce is a senior celberty!;;to her! mrs beyounce is platum;and mrs kardishian!''just"'trying""reach on the seen:;;wit no stuse::but she rich beautiful:;and getting popular!''so"""ahhhhhhhh who idea was it to compare"'''a platiun digatal celberty::;to:;a;rockie just reach on the seen celberty!'' sorry no comparison no win!'''thhis turtn out to the best::joke:;i never laugh attttttttttt! was here don,ttt call my name ::; love ya alwauys thankls fo readinnnnnnnnnnnnnnn1

  • Hawi Aberra Wilson
    Hawi Aberra Wilson

    I love Kim but Beyonce all day long..they can never compare, Bee is way too natural, talented, curvy and a real Icon.

  • Trisha

    Beyonce is rocking the hell out of that dress

  • ali


  • cherry

    Kim hands down and she's not even trying

  • Lawrencia

    Beyonce wore is best

  • Zoe Zozo
    Zoe Zozo

    K-DASH in SA guys please take that risk as you guys did with NY CITY.

  • Baltimore1100

    Beyonce wins

  • Adex jolly.
    Adex jolly.

    Kim kardashian looks too beautiful.jst shut of words.

  • Christa!

    Absolutely, Kim Dash takes this one! Much Luv, Bee, but Kim has you on this one!

  • charlane

    there bot really beautiful girls but I pick kim <3

  • vanessa guerrero
    vanessa guerrero

    kim <3

  • Georgia

    Kim <3

  • Farnoosh Irani
    Farnoosh Irani

    oh i love both of them.but emmm kardashian

  • Courtney

    Sorry b buut kim looks why better :)

  • ifeoma oti
    ifeoma oti

    You can't compare the two ladies, please. BEYONCE wears it BEST!!!

  • luckycharm

    Kim Kardashian ofcourse...She has never made any fashion crime before απϑ she has a better body απϑ charisma τ̅☺ carry any goddamn cloth.

  • adesa

    Kim Kardashian

  • Trina

    Kim of course!! Beyonce is over rated

  • sona

    AHHAHAHAHA Nicole! lol but ya Beyonce's so beautiful! and talented!

  • Nicole

    Bey got this for sure! Not to mention, she's famous for being talented, the other is famous for blowing some guy on video.

  • Uwala Sunday
    Uwala Sunday

    Beyonce had it

  • Alix Verriest
    Alix Verriest

    Beyonce, hot hot hot

  • Ermaafidah Afiezal
    Ermaafidah Afiezal

    Both looks stunning differently. :)

  • bowli02

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