Celebs Give Back: Drew Barrymore Travels to Kenya for Humanitarian Efforts

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The star is selling her clothes for a good cause.
Hollywood Mogul Drew Barrymore graces the cover of Condé Nast Traveler’s September issue. Labeled “Visionaries,” the issue focuses on celebrities, companies and activists that are changing the world! 

The magazine followed the redhead’s humanitarian efforts as an ambassador for the World Food Programme and documented her efforts in depleted towns in Kenya. She discusses with the magazine her passion for helping out the community after reading an article about the impoverished children of Kenya:

I was really moved. I never went to school myself. I was doing a job and didn’t have a kids life. I wanted to learn more about why these kids were so passionate, walking so far and overfilling their classrooms.

The thirty-six year old Charlie’s Angels executive producer gives a piece of knowledge to global travelers: 

Travelers should look at the harsh realities of a place but balance that with seeking its beauty. It’s important to acknowledge the reality of how the world functions but also to keep a sense of hope. 

There’s no doubt that Drew’s efforts in Kenya have not gone unnoticed or unappreciated as one villager tells the magazine, “Fetching water was our burden as women, even when we were heavily pregnant. I am so happy because now we don’t have to think about water. We and our children can focus on other things.”

Watch below to see a clip of Drew’s inspiring trip to Kenya and make sure to pick up Condé Nast Traveler when it hits newsstands August 23rd!