Danielle Staub on Her Suicidal Thoughts & Taylor Armstrong (VIDEO)

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In the wake of the tragedy that has struck Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Taylor Armstrong and her daughter Kennedy, 5, former Real Housewives of New Jersey "villain" Danielle Staub is talking to Entertainment Tonight about her own suicidal thoughts. 

"I was very close to taking my own life -- not just on one occasion -- it's been several times," Staub told ET, one day after news broke of Russell Armstrong's suicide.

"And what always saved me was the thought of my children living with that for the rest of their lives. I didn't want them to have that memory of me," continued Danielle. "I wanted them to remember me -- even if I'm going through my struggles -- alive."

True, Staub is no stranger to hate, but is it appropriate to compare her situation to that of the Armstrong's so quick and publicly?

Continued Staub:

"There's so much hate in this world. And I just hope that his children and Taylor, and his ex-wife as well, all know that my genuine heartfelt sympathy and empathy, especially empathy, is with them at this time and always."

What do you think Celebuzz readers: is Danielle's interview genuine or inappropriate?

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  • Nicole

    Publicity stunt..... She's just trying to stay relevant. No one likes her, she brought it on herself

  • Jamie Estep Carbone
    Jamie Estep Carbone

    She seems to never say anything interesting and everything that comes out of her mouth is nonsense.

  • Chris Lusardi Bob V
    Chris Lusardi Bob V

    Give me a break really??

  • Raving Rebecca
    Raving Rebecca

    This woman is a real piece of work. No matter what is happening with others, she always finds a way to make it all about her. It really annoys me how she raves on about being a great mother yet she sits there and involves her children in adult issues and seeks their opinions. Let them be children and seek help from qualified people you lunatic! Honestly, this woman is a train wreck and I would't believe a word that comes out of her wrinkly old lady mouth! Newsflash Danielle, life is not a competition to see who is picked on the most or who has the hardest past. Grow up!

  • meme

    Ugh that b**ch needs to go to hell. Get a life n stop trying to make EVERYTHING about u dumba**.

  • Kim Wigzciak
    Kim Wigzciak

    So let me get this straight. Danielle claims that it was so hard to do a reality show that she thought of taking her life on more than one occassion yet she did everything possible to do another reality show and is still trying to do more?? This woman is such a pathelogical liar. IF she really felt that badly, she would find a different career. She is the cause of her own problems - people didn't get along with her on RHONJ and they aren't getting along with her on Famous Food. She needs mental health help not another reality show.

  • linda murphy
    linda murphy

    Kim always remember the love u to share and never listen to what poeple have to say because there dont know u all always hold on to each other and never go to bed mad.it as work for me and my husband for 26 yrs and i am still in love with him and him with me so i hope u and kris a wonderful day .


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