Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe...OMG!

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The Weinstein Company has just released a shot of Michelle Williams as Marilyn Monroe, and is there anything else to say except...she looks freaking amazing.

Here is a pictures of Williams from My Week With Marilyn where it depicts her hounded by photographers on all sidees, although you can see her costar Eddie Redmayne on the left side of the shot.

The film is based on Colin Clark's memoir (played by Redmayne) about his week with the famous actress in the summer of 1956 when he was a film set assistant on The Prince and the Showgirl and he showed her around London. 

The film also stars Emma Watson and Dominic Cooper and will hit theaters November 4.

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  • deddodouwa

    she's nice

  • Allie

    Colin- you say that purely because you don't know her. She keeps to herself, keeps herself under the radar. With good reason- her little girl. But she's done amazing work, and it speaks for it's self. Go home and watch Incendiary or Blue Valentine and then call her bland. She just doesn't have a media personality, like Lindsay Lohan, or whom ever else you'd refer to as 'having a personality'. You don't know her- neither do I, but I for one am happy I have never seen her plastered on the front of a tabloid magazine.

  • Colin

    Really? Ugh. At least Marilyn had a personality. Michelle Williams is just about the blandest celebrity out there.

  • o0simon0o

    Wow she looks gorgeous. We can feel a huge self-confidence in the picture. I think I'll watch that movie.