Readers Respond: Will Katy Perry’s Hits Live On Like Michael Jackson’s Songs?

Earlier, it was revealed that Katy Perry had tied Michael Jackson’s record of most number one singles off one album, but we wanted to know what our readers thought about this pretty big news.

While KP’s album Teenage Dream definitely has some catchy tunes (Celebuzz is partial to “Last Friday Night” and “E.T.”), we’re just not 100 precent sure that those songs will stand the test of time like the songs from MJ’s epic Bad album (“The Way You Make Me Feel” FTW!).

So, we took the debate to Facebook to see whether or not our readers think we’ll still be humming “California Gurls” 20 years down the road.

Letara D. simply stated: “Uhm… NO!”

Tom B. said: “Love her music, but her lives shows are becoming too “Wiggles” like-very child oriented. Teens said they felt a little too old for the last show at the Pru in NJ!”

Denise E. agreed with Tom and replied: “TRUE TOM. BUT CONGRATS KATY i ♥ ya music! but your shows are like a Wiggles show!”

Marissa L. congratulated Katy on this fete and said: “congrats Katy, shes a beautiful soul, she deserves it.”

Daisy S. mentioned: “KP songs are cute, but I don’t see my children dancing them in a club in 20 yrs.”

Jerome M. said: “shes talented but plz dont compare her to MJ..he went for 45 years..she about 7 now ..”

As always, our readers give great feedback! Keep the debate going and tell us what you think of Katy tying MJ’s record in the comments!