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Kim Kardashian Wedding Card

It's wedding weekend for Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries, and while a lucky few will get to actually see the nuptials go down, Celebuzz wants to give you the chance to send a wedding message to Kim and Kris -- and we'll personally show them to Kim!

That's right, just like we've done in the past, Celebuzz wants you -- our fabulous readers -- to get creative and sentimental by creating your very own original photo wedding "card" -- a custom collage, a picture of you holding a sign, a tribute to Kim, a cheesy card (like the one above), whatever! -- and post a photo in the comments section of this post. It's a very joyous occasion for the Kardashian family, so put on your happy thinking cap and get creative!

So what are you waiting for? Get working! Just upload your photo into the comments below, and stay tuned for when the lucky three are announced!



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  • tim spirlock
    tim spirlock

    Congrats good luck wish it was me

  • Lalli Lopez
    Lalli Lopez

    Best wishes Kim and Chris, from Lalli and Lopez family. Its a new beginning for both and a start of a new family. Enjoy every minute of it until death do you apart and have many children. All the blessings of the world! [img][/img]



  • godess51

    Hey Kim, just wanted to wish you a great wedding day and hope and pray that God will be with you and Kris on this blessed day today.will be looking forward to the televised wedding on the next few months . so enjoy your day day .xoxoxoxoox


    you 4got rob lol xx

  • Sweetshar

    Dear Kim & Kris, Congratulations on your special day. I wish you much love, happiness and joy. May all your dreams and wishes come true. My husband and I just celebrated our 23rd year anniversary this past July. Just wanted to pass on some tips that helped me and my husband stay together all these years. #1. Never go to bed angry at each other no matter how small it was. #2. Always have communication open with each other #3. Respect one another #4. Have trust for one another #5. Respect one another #5. Tell each other that you love them each and every day

  • Allessandra Weitze
    Allessandra Weitze


  • claire94

    [img][/img] I hope you have the most amazing day! you both deserve it! congratulations and good luck for the future! lots of love from your biggest UK fan, Claire xxxxx

  • Allessandra Weitze
    Allessandra Weitze

    Kim and Kris, wish you all the best you both deserve to be happy, and i really hope that your special day will be Amaz!!!

  • claire94

    [img][/img] I hope you have a amazing day today! You and kris are the perfect match and i wish you all the best for the future! By the way sorry for a few photos but i couldn't decide what one to send in! Congratulations Lots of love from your biggest fan from the UK Claire xxxxxxx

  • samantha melendez
    samantha melendez

    ignore this one and just read this one under it kim (: vvvv

  • samantha melendez
    samantha melendez

    sorry i didnt put my last name ^^^ congrats kim and kris ! <3 kim i love watching keeping up with kardashians i watch it all the time ! kris have a wonderful life with your new wife kim……i wish u guys the best of luck !! <3 <3 <3 <3 :) i wish i can hangout with your sisters.......):

  • samantha

    congrats kim and kris ! <3 kim i love watching keeping up with kardashians i watch it all the time ! kris have a wonderful life with your new wife kim......i wish u guys the best of luck !! <3 <3 <3 <3

  • claire94

    [img][/img] Kim and Kris , i hope you wedding day exceeds every expectation of yours! you both deserve the most amazing day ever! Your dress is going to be beautiful and Kris you are going to look very handsome! Congratulations! lots of love your biggest fan from the uk Claire xxx

  • claire94

    [img][/img] Kim and Kris, You two are a truly amazing couple! im sooo excited for your wedding i know for sure kim, that you are going to look gorgeous and kris, your are going to look very handsome! i wish you al the best for your future! lots of love from your biggest fan from the UK, Claire xxxx

  • chevis splawn
    chevis splawn

    Kris and Kim im sending both of you my prayers, blessing and happiness to you both. May you two be together forever because you both are the most sweet but beautiful people in the whloe world.

  • Lila

    Hi Kim, Wouldn't it be amazing if you could change the world in a truly awesome, memorable way? You are so blessed - in your position you could! Why not do something radical and donate the millions you were going to spend on your wedding to the starving in Africa - imagine starting a life together by blessing millions of suffering people - you would be setting yourself up for endless blessings and success! Peace and love, Lila

  • twinklemepink06

    [img][/img] Kim and Kris, I wish you both the best and I hope you make some cute little BABIES soon. Keep it MAJ!!!

  • Janel

    I wish the both of u the best n a life full of happiness n I hope ur marriage does not get caught up in the media n I hope u guys get the privacy u need to keep ur marriage safe from so many other celeb couples have gone through justmember ur love comes before the business/tv best of luck u look very happy

  • Julia

    how do you post a picture??!?!

  • Tiffanny Munoz
    Tiffanny Munoz

    Kim and Kris Humphries; I want to begin with writing : "Congratulations!" I wish you two but the up-most best of luck with your marriage. Marriage may seem impossible sometimes but if you both remain the same how you both are now , be there for each other always at all times through the neg-pos then it will work and and definitely for a lonnngggg time!!! Once again " Congratulations" [img] shot 2011-08-18 at 5.44.32 PM-340_229.png[/img]

  • Tochi

    Wussup Kim!!!!...heres wishing u a very happy married life. I hope ud make d best outta ur marriage nd nt divorce lyk many celebs do..ppl r luking upto u..let ur marriage last forever. I wish u all the best :*

  • ChristianPatriot

    Thank God you're marrying a white boy.

  • Isabel Alejandra Díaz
    Isabel Alejandra Díaz


  • emmzzaa

    [img][/img] Heres wishing both Kimberly Kardashian and Khris Humphries the best on their upcoming wedding! I really cant wait to see what, not only the beautiful bride, but the rest of the Kardashian/Jenner clan wear for the event! Kim, you are America's princess, and im certain your day will be the best any couple has ever had! i love you:')

  • Betty Daniels
    Betty Daniels

    Dear Kris?Kim I am so happy for you both. Now your HATERS are going to be more jealous of you both. I am proud of you all. You are doing the right thing. Marriage is instituted by God. Please do not let FAME take over you both. And remember money does not bring happiness. You both have to make yourself happy. You have to respect each other. Kim give your husband to be the chance to be the man of the house and the husband as well. Kris love, respect and appreciate your wife to be. Kim you are going to be a wife so cover up more. If you need wisdom seek it from God or your parents. Be blessed

  • Betty Daniels
    Betty Daniels

    Dear Kris/Kim, I am so happy for you both. Now you are HATERS are going to be more jealous of you both. I am proud of you all. You are doing the right thing. Marriage is instituted by God. Please do not let FAME take over you both. And remember money does not bring happiness. You both have to make yourself happy. You have to respect each other. Kim give your husband to be the chance to be the man of the house and the husband as well. Kris love, respect and appreciate your wife to be. Kim you are going to be a wife so cover up more. If you need wisdom seek it from God or your parents. be blessed

  • Tenecia Thomas
    Tenecia Thomas

    wishing you & kris a happy union! Hope all goes super uber fab on your wedding day doll!

  • Pat

    To Kim and Kris Here is hoping that your wedding day can start to bring the ultimate peace and happiness that is so deserving for two people who truly love each other!! All the best for the both of you!

  • melissa

    p.s im in love with keeping up with the kardashians kim <3 Khloe <3 Kourtney <3 Kris <3 Bruce jenner <3 Kendall <3 Kylie <3

  • sta

    i dont know what to say kim they have taken all my words..m so happy for you ..enjoy every moment if i had money i will fly the rest of africa to cum see you tie the knot...kimfanatic

  • melissa

    finally i get to the bottom of the page to wish you luck on your big day!you deserve it more than anyone else you are truly a role model, no matter what you go through , you cope with even when you had a bad case of psoriasis(i would never show my face in public again!:p) thats how i know you are a true Kardashian!! so anyway i will be watching you on E wearing your amazingly syunning Vera wang dress just like you!dont let anyone tell you otherwise :) love yaaa always, Melissa,14 yrs :):)<3xx

  • BiBi

    conqrats Kimberly, your wishes came true, im so happy for you guys, and as for kloe and Lamar you guys rock, now its time for kourtney and Scott to get married well atleast engaged, anyways love <3 your show and guys thumbs up!!

  • connie

    Kim...after all the disappointments you weathered, I am truly happy that you finally found the one that made your dreams come true. I wish you many many years of happiness. Enjoy your special day, you really deserve it!

  • ahliah

    congrats kim k for that special day u will be the happest bride :) <3

  • hope123

    good luck in life.i no that you guys will last xoxo

  • rosie saeidiye
    rosie saeidiye

    Hi Kim my name is rosie, I live in baldwinsville ny I just wanna say congrats on ur up coming wedding.I'm glad u finally got lucky to find a nice gentelman to marry.I'm a huge fan when I say huge I mean huge I love u and ur sisters u all r sooo cool.I bet ur wedding is going to b beautiful and amazing just like the one getting married.I am a mom of 4 and I always make sure I never miss an episode.anyway congrats again and good luck...rosie

  • msrm

    [img] and kris-340_248.JPG[/img] XO

  • Cleo

    Bestwishes.... Kim & kris enjoy

  • helena

    congradulations Kim and Chris :) :) i hope you have a fantastic day and that you guys will have a happy future together forever and that marriage is everything you hope and wish for. cant wait to watch your ceremony, use will both look fabulous! jelaous..........i am very !! have a fab day guys

  • Zarina Sarkar- Patel X
    Zarina Sarkar- Patel X

    helllo x just wanna say have a fab wedding day and i hope that your day is full of happiness x lots of love from your number 1 fan zarina x

  • dashing41

    @dashing_41 [img][/img]

  • leanne

    Hope you have a great day Kim.. I mean it from the bottom of my heart.. And you will look stunning in your Vera Wang dress.. And I cant wait to see your wedding on E!.. It will be like I am there LOL Leanne xxx

  • Janet Villafranca Borromeo
    Janet Villafranca Borromeo

    Dear Kim and Kris, Wishing you two the best and congratulations. :) [img][/img]

  • My name is Juliet Ekeson
    My name is Juliet Ekeson

    I'm really so happy for you my pretty Kim, I wish your hubby to be Kris will read this cos I have a serious warning for him, which is, he should never make you cry talk more of break your heart. I love you pretty princess Kim.

  • sanya

    Lots of Wishes!!

  • Aderonke Doherty
    Aderonke Doherty

    Kim and Kris, I wish you all the best, may you be best friends forever,I pray you have a better marriage than you ever anticipated. May the peace of GOD be with you now and forever. P.S Kris, Kim is priceless, take care of her. Love u guys.

  • fabulous0z

    [img][/img] Hey Kim & Kris .. This is my simple [Design] For you .. and hope you like it .. Congratulation ..

  • tyler cole
    tyler cole

    Live life to the fullest.... have a great marriage!

  • CC

    Happiest wishes on your wedding day Kris &Kim! This day is very special to me as well- my 12th wedding anniversary!

  • martina

    Hey kim I wish u an ur husband to be all the best u deserved nothing but the best God bless u both

  • francescafusaro

    [img] shot 2011-08-17 at 7.38.40 PM-340_392.jpg[/img]

  • Christa Lawhun
    Christa Lawhun

    Stay honest to one another and never go to bed mad! May God bless you both!

  • francescafusaro

    [img] shot 2011-08-17 at 7.42.47 PM-340_228.jpg[/img]

  • michele quinn
    michele quinn

    i want to wish you both a lifetime of happiness.I really hope it works out for you.I know how much kim wants to be married and have kids.She will make a great mom.You can see how she is with mason and that,s have nephew.I,ve been married 34yrs already and don,t know where the time went i have 2 beautiful boys.Always be truthful to each other and chrish each day you have together and never go to bed mad.Always try and make up before that.I will be thinking about you on your special day wishing i knew you personALY to be there on your special day but i will be waiting for e to show it in october.Wish i did,nt have to wait that long.Good luck you guys.

  • Xitlalli Escudero
    Xitlalli Escudero

    [img] collage-313_1074.jpg[/img] LOVE YOU GUYS!

  • Taren Elizabeth Toncks-Jurca
    Taren Elizabeth Toncks-Jurca

    I wish you guys all the happiness in the world. Enjoy your special day!!!!!

  • kardashiannavy


  • Sabz

    congradz i wish you both the best of luck btw i love u kim

  • kardashiannavy

    congrats Kim & Kris! i hope you guys have an amazing time at your wedding! xoxo i made a collage with my favorite pictures of you guys! hope you like it :) - @KardashianNavy / Amanda [img][/img]

  • Rebecca Sterling-Akers
    Rebecca Sterling-Akers

    I say CONGRATULATIONS and BEST WISHES to the impending newlyweds. As a married California girl who is around Kim's age, I just want to say that compromise is golden. There will be inevitable ups and downs, but just remember that you are part of a team. Live long and prosper, yo! \m/

  • mskylieandkendall

    Hope u have a great wedding i love u Kim

  • Angela Wood
    Angela Wood

    [img] Love Story-1-292_360.jpg[/img] This is the start of an eternity with your best friend. Never forget how blessed you are to have found each other. Live, laugh and love everyday. May God bless your union and the family you build together.

  • Love is first
    Love is first

    Don't let anyone ruin your special day let it be a reflection of the love and happiness that I hope follows u the rest of your days

  • Tracy Grosso Flanagan
    Tracy Grosso Flanagan

    Kim & Kris you to look fabulicious together! I wish you the best of luck and a long, lasting loving relationship!

  • kardashiannavy

    congrats! xxo - @KardashianNavy / Amanda [img][/img]

  • Nathan Fruendt
    Nathan Fruendt

    Let things just happen and don't push things

  • Melissa Missie
    Melissa Missie

    Vă doresc multe binecuvântări prin ani fericit de multe pot Tatăl tău te uiti si sa te simti precense lui cu tine in ziua nuntii tale! Vă rog şi Chris trăi multe zile multe şi fericite de ani împreună şi sunt capabili să înceapă, de asemenea, o familie de dumneavoastră. Dumnezeu să vă binecuvânteze pe zi!

  • brigid

    Wishing Ʊ both a marital bliss filled with joy,laughter,peace & beautyful Mason's & kylee. Cheers

  • Michelle Amengual
    Michelle Amengual

    Kim never go to bed mad always talk to each other when things do not fill right with you and him.

  • king leonaids
    king leonaids

    i wish all the best of the bests for Kim...for my queen ,i wish to be there and wash her legs with my tears before she step on the grass and i give her hand to fact i don't like Kris because am sure no one can take care of her more than me so am gonna live unstable for the rest of my life but in other sight thats her choice so i wish and hope she has the perfect life that she deserve.....Kris pleeeeeeeease take care of her ....she is my queen so please give her all the best of u and make her happy.....congratulations

  • Gina

    Marriage is like a rose beautiful and delicate but a rose has stem cover with thorns,we dont over its beauty becoz whateva you will go through in your marriage remember how beautiful it really is.when God is in a marriage problems will be few.

  • Sam

    I wish you guys the best Kim. Kris you have a beautiful wife and life which you both can enjoy for many Please don't blow it! Congrats again guys.

  • Val Elliott
    Val Elliott

    OMG!!!!!!I am so very happy for you 2!!u make a very nice lookin couple,many years of happiness!

  • Roxanne Rice
    Roxanne Rice

    NEVER GO TO BED MAD, I have been married almost eight years now, and I live by this! you never know how long you have them so no matter how mad you are talk it out! I wish Chris and you a life time of happiness and love.

  • Mina Di Marco Rosas
    Mina Di Marco Rosas

    Relax and Enjoy every second, moment as for those are the memories last a lifetime. Congrats! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness! <3