‘The Vampire Diaries’ Cast Gets Tongue-Tied in Season Two Blooper Reel (VIDEO)

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Who knew the cast of The Vampire Diaries are such jokers? Nina Dobrev and the rest of the gang are seen laughing up a storm in the new season two blooper reel.Since there’s so much dramatic tension on set, we honestly can’t blame them for goofing up once in in a while!

With the new season hitting TV sets this September, what better way to prepare for the series’ return than by taking a look back at past season’s behind-the-scenes hi-jinx?

In the gag reel, Dobrev’s off-screen boyfriend and co-star Ian Somerhalder seems to be suffering from a case of mistaken identity. Meanwhile, Paul Wesley is practically breaking the set apart (thanks to those weapons of mass destruction he calls his arms). Let’s just hope everything stays intact for the upcoming season!  

The Vampire Diaries season two DVD will be out August 30. Check out the blooper reel above!