Cause Creative Space: The 2011 Do Something Awards! (PHOTOS)

Welcome to Celebuzz’s latest feature, Cause Creative Space. We teamed up with the folks behind Avan Jogia’s Straight But Not Narrow campaign to give you an inside look at the Do Something Awards, airing on VH1 Thursday August 14.

Do Something has one goal — getting young people to, well, DO SOMETHING! And believe us, they do this better than anyone. By fully embracing pop culture and utilizing almost every possible type of media you can get your hands on, they are able to reach young people by the millions.

The DSA spotlights some amazing young people and celebrities who have made huge efforts to do something for charity and activism. This year’s DSA airs on VH1 tonight (Thursday) at 6pm and is hosted by the very soft-spoken and shy (note the sarcasm) Jane Lynch from Glee.

Cause Creative had the chance to rub elbows (yes, only elbows) with a number of celebrities at the event, such as Victoria Justice and many more!

First up, we chatted with Victoria, the lovely 18-year-old star of Victorious. Now, saying this girl is busy would be a complete understatement. She stars in her own TV show, just finished filming a movie, is constantly in the recording studio working on new music (we’re just exhausted talking about it)! One of her biggest achievements is being involved with the Girl Up campaign.

“I’m really passionate about my work with Girl Up and I’m excited to meet with these girls in person. Girl Up works to bring awareness to young girls in the US about other harder-to-reach young girls around the world and the hard things that they’re facing. Please go to and ‘High Five’ them and just donate whatever you can.”

She has somehow carved out enough time in her schedule to take a Girl Up awareness trip in a couple of weeks. And she gave a bit of advice about how young people out there can easily make a difference:

“Use your social media people! Use it to spread positive messages and support causes you care about.”

We couldn’t agree more!

Ariana Grande, also from Nickelodeon’s Victorious, has the perfect mix of insane talent and determination to make a difference. Ariana is very involved with the charity Broadway In South Africa. BSA is a non-profit that grabs singers, musicians, dancers, actors, and directors straight from the stages of Broadway and takes them to South Africa to use those talents to change the lives of people in need. Ariana told us:

“I just traveled to South Africa and visited with the kids there and taught them some of our music and dance. It was very eye opening and amazing, and the kids are so awesome and talented. I loved it!”

She didn’t hold back when we asked her about young Hollywood and how she feels that some of her peers are using their influence with young people.

“Honestly, I think some of young Hollywood is doing a great job — and some of young Hollywood is doing a horrible job.”

Well, tell us how you really feel! This girl is passionate about giving back and she definitely challenges the rest of young Hollywood to do their part too.

We also chatted with MTV’s Damien Fahey and his girlfriend Grasie Mercedes. Damien is a Do Something favorite, being a Board Member of the organization he’s been very active with Do Something for years, but the couple’s main cause is animal protection.

“Animals. They’re just so cute…. And delicious.” Fahey jokes. “And they really give back to you as well. Some celebrities are more public with their support, and others give more privately. You just have to hope and trust that both things are happening. Overall, I think there’s a pretty good philanthropy culture here in Hollywood.”

Stay tuned as we work with Celebuzz to bring attention to some well deserving causes and the cool people that support them!