Cute Kid Alert! Will Baby Mason Be Kim Kardashian’s Ringbearer?!

Kim's Wedding Facts
Here's 10 things we know will happen.
Kim Kardashian’s wedding is sure to be the biggest one of summer, but if this news is true, it will definitely be the cutest!

Us Weekly is reporting that Kourtney Kardashian’s 20-month-old son Mason will possibly be the ringbearer at Kim and Kris Humphries wedding ceremony this weekend.

It’s not 100 percent sure if Mason will be the ringbearer or not, so what’s the reasoning behind the delayed decision?

While they are planning on it, Kourt said:

“He is 20 months old… We’ll see if he behaves!”

Too cute!

Do you think Mason would make a good ringbearer? Let us know in the comments!