Demi Lovato Goes Smiley Rock Chic (PHOTOS)

Don’t let the spiked bracelet fool you — Demi Lovato is still a happy-go-lucky pop gal.

Looking equal parts rocker and casual woman, Demi was spotted heading into West Hollywood salon Nine Zero One, and gave nearby photographers a smile and a wave as they snapped away. Demi showed a little bit of edge with her spiked braceled and all-black-everything outfit — even down to the shades and hat. But that smile showed the dark colors were just for style — not an indicator of her mood.

Judging by Demi’s Twitter, it seems as though someone may have stood her up — either at the salon or elsewhere, as she wrote: “There’s nothing more annoying than flakey people.” The nerve of some people!

Flakes aside, Demi’s got an album coming out on September 20, and even timelier, her birthday is this weekend on Saturday, August 20!

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