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NYX Haute Jersey Leopard Couture palette
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UPDATE: This giveaway is now closed. Thanks for participating!

Unleash your wild side this summer with a super hot giveaway from Celebuzz and NYX Cosmetics!

One lucky winner is set to walk away with NYX’s new Jerseylicious-inspired Haute Jersey Leopard Couture palette! The color kit features four bronzers, two simmering glosses, two rosy blushes, and 24 eye shadows—making this the go-to palette for any occasion. Best of all, the kit is small enough to fit into any travel tote. Take your look from cute and sun-kissed to smoky and sexy in just seconds! The cosmetic company partnered with everyone's favorite Jersey divas to create this custom collection.

Here’s how to enter:

‘Like’ us on Facebook and Follow us on Twitter, then leave us a comment below telling us your favorite eye shadow color. PLEASE NOTE: You must sign in to Celebuzz (or use Facebook to sign in) in order to comment and win.

This giveaway closes on Tuesday, August 25 at 9 AM ET.

Good luck and get commenting!


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Default avatar
  • Melissa

    My eye shadow is purple. But I do like other color eye shadow.

  • Valeria Corrieri
    Valeria Corrieri

    my favourite shadow colour is pink..very natural!!

  • Denisha Peterson
    Denisha Peterson

    my favorite eye shadow color is shades of purple

  • Jd Drenchek-Scavo
    Jd Drenchek-Scavo

    I like light blues

  • katie churchill
    katie churchill

    Black and grey/silver together <3

  • katie churchill
    katie churchill

    My favorite eye shadow is black and grey <3

  • fms1291

    I really love bright colors! I like putting colors together that you wouldn't think would look good but they ALMOST always look super cool!

  • Ana Alonso
    Ana Alonso

    I love black eyeshadow!

  • Mgs Torres
    Mgs Torres

    My favorite eyeshadow color is Nude colors, with and without shimmer! it brightens my eyes instantly, giving a clean finish to my eyes, great as a base for smokey`look or any other eye makeup looks! :)

  • Erin Laidley
    Erin Laidley

    My favourite eye shadow colour is silver, since it can be subtle or dramatic and it's quite versatile.

  • Nicole Ordonez
    Nicole Ordonez

    I LOVE warm colors such as golds, reds, oranges & yellows. I think they look amazing with my dark brown eyes. :)

  • Linda Brooks
    Linda Brooks

    My favorite eyeshadow color is purple.

  • Liza Sanchez
    Liza Sanchez

    dark, smokey sexy colors

  • egood33

    I like purple for special occasions, I think it helps make green eyes stand out! :)

  • chuajenny

    purple , orange. it shows summer and bright. it really suit my personality and mood this month :)

  • Dalal

    I love NYX and I love black and brown eye shadows ;)

  • Ryzl Anunciacion
    Ryzl Anunciacion

    My favorite eyeshadow color is purple!

  • ecaterina29

    right now i'm using very light colors. creamish color,light yellow,and light pink.

  • Donna Pierson Wilson
    Donna Pierson Wilson

    I love pink eyeshadow! I am a real girly-girl and wear pink a lot so yeah, that is the color I love!

  • Rust Hawk
    Rust Hawk

    My favorites are the taupes and pinks.

  • Claudia Rebeca
    Claudia Rebeca

    My favorite eyeshadow is dark brown, it´s basic ;) I love NYX ♥

  • Arianna Jimenez
    Arianna Jimenez

    my favorite eyeshadow is turquoise because it fits anyone!

  • Joana Lopes Ribeiro
    Joana Lopes Ribeiro

    My favorite shadow is definitely the purple!! It goes well with every eye color and it's super trendy right now :) Love it!

  • Sara Castillo Velasquez
    Sara Castillo Velasquez

    My favorite eyeshadow is the Dark Pink one because is so easy to wear and make an excellent smoky eye¡¡¡¡ hope i win :D

  • Kimberly Long
    Kimberly Long

    My favorite color is the bright orange. Although the other colors in this palette is absolutely gorgeous, I think that the orange would be an exciting and unique color to use. It's bold, funky and daring just like a Jersey girl! I am from Hawai‘i so it would look beautiful with the Hawaiian Sunset ;) I would love to experiment with this palette and create some funky and dramatic looks from a night out to a mellow day cruising at the beach!

  • juliannex18

    My favorite eye shadow is definitely purple! I love blending light purple and dark purple together to make a dramatic look. I love how it always works for any season and is flattering on anyone's eye!

  • Katie Baltzley
    Katie Baltzley

    A lot people obviously love purple eyeshadow! and so do i. I have fair skin, dark brown hair, a brown eyes. Purple really makes my eyes pop and compliments my skin tone.

  • chelyea

    My favorite eyeshadow color is purple. Lighter for day, darker for night. I also really like it layered with dark brown or gray/black for night too.

  • Natalie Livshitz
    Natalie Livshitz

    Oh my goodness, I love this set! The purple in the top row, third from the left, is beyond gorgeous. It would look so pretty all over the lid with the first purple in the top row on the crease. Purples are definitely my favorite shadows, they make my plain brown eyes look so pretty :) I'd definitely do a tutorial with this set on my YouTube channel,

  • Chelsea Mason
    Chelsea Mason

    I love the purples! So pretty! It would be so cool to win this and try all the different colors.

  • memommon

    My favorite eye shadow color is Taupe and I think I spy with my little eye a perfect one in this palette!!! I have wanted to try NYX for so long now but none of the stores near me sell it so I really need to win this!!

  • jesspynk

    My favorite eyeshadow color is taupe. Especially a purple taupe.

  • danielleakame

    my favorite color would have to be a sparkly black. it goes with anything, you can put a little on or have it heavy for a gorgeous smokey eye :o)

  • Colleen Boudreau
    Colleen Boudreau

    my favorite eye shadow color is a shimmery beige. :)

  • Anne-Marie Tvete
    Anne-Marie Tvete

    My fave is a greeny taupe.

  • kardashiannavy

    my favorite eyeshadow color is a shimmery gold! the color really makes my eyes look bigger. the color also goes with almost everything i wear :)

  • emorgan223

    A shiny creme. Very versatile, you can add color for the evening or leave it and you have day-time look.

  • Becca Klinger
    Becca Klinger

    My go-to in the summer is a shimmery gold. It looks natural but gives a nice glowing pop of color. Coupled with black eyeliner and very black mascara, my hazel green eyes really pop!

  • wheat636

    I'm still trying to find the one color that says "me," but in the meantime, my go-to is a Rosy pinkish purple that is subtle warms and wakes my look.

  • svh1396

    my favorite eye shadow color is silver cause it can be either a simple color or u can make it an eye popping color

  • Amani Deen
    Amani Deen

    my favorite eye shadow is bronze. it excentuates my light brown eyes and gives them that "pop" of color :)

  • Alina Andreea Ciubotaru
    Alina Andreea Ciubotaru

    My fav' eye shadow color is blue. It fits perfect on my hazel eyes. And it's my fav' colour.

  • Dan Drenchek
    Dan Drenchek

    I like purple on my fiance

  • Catalina Gude
    Catalina Gude

    My favorite eye shadow are pretty much every color. I like from bold colors to more natural. It all depends on the mood i am but I am not afraid to wear crazy colors. I love it! Make me very different from my sisters, mom and Mother in law

  • Tanja Piirainen
    Tanja Piirainen

    My favorite eye shadow color is light blue, coz it makes mys blue/grey eyes pop! But as party look all bright crazy colours ;p

  • twinklemepink06

    My favorite eye shadow color is purple because I think it makes my green eyes pop! Add some black to the crease and blend, voila! The perfect smoky eye would be so easy with this palette.

  • Veronica Ashley
    Veronica Ashley

    These colors are so unique! I love trying out new make up looks and playing around with exciting colors! The girls on jerseylicious always have such pretty make up; i'd love the opportunity to try out some of these fun colors for myself!!