Jennifer Hudson: I Didn’t Know I Was Plus-Sized Until I Hit Red Carpet

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Jennifer Hudson has lost a whopping 80 pounds but tells SELF Magazine that before she made her way to Hollywood, she had no idea she was considered a “plus-sized” person. J-Hud explained: 

“I remember my first time on the red carpet, an interviewer asked, ‘How does it feel to be plus-sized in Hollywood?’ I looked around, like, ‘Who is she talking to? Oh, me. I’m plus-sized?’ In the neighborhood from Chicago, a 16 is normal. But in Hollywood, everyone looks exactly the same, so I stood out.”

Despite her impressive weight loss, the Hollywood mom says she’s happy with or without the weight loss:

“I find the positive in everything. I like my curves, so it didn’t bother me. My fiancé, David’s father [also named David], and I both knew we didn’t learn to eat right and be healthy as kids, so we wanted to for him.”

As for Jennifer’s dramatic body transformation, the Weight Watchers spokesperson admits that this isn’t the first time she’s shed some lbs., revealing that she lost 60 pounds before American Idol, but assures SELF that this time is different! “That first time, I was a workout fanatic. I’d go to the gym at 5 in the morning and run for an hour, go home, sleep and be back at the gym at 1 p.m. for another full workout. Then I’d come home and do Tae-Bo. That was my whole day. Plus, all I’d eat was skinless chicken breast, brown rice and vegetables. What are you going to do once you lose weight? Eat everything you gave up!”

The Dream Girl added: 

“I’m prouder of my weight loss than my Oscar! I hope it has inspired people.”

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