Leonardo DiCaprio Flaunts His Fancy New Hybrid Car (PHOTO)

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Someone famous once said that it’s not easy being green, but when you’re Leonardo DiCaprio, it makes things a bit easier, as displayed by the superstar’s sick new ride.

Leonardo was able to get his hands on the much-hyped 2012 Fisker Karma hybrid sportscar, a $100k-plus beast of a machine that makes the Prius look like a toy car. So what exactly is Leo’s new ride packing? How about:

  • More than 100 miles per gallon
  • 0-60 miles per hour in under 6 seconds
  • 403 horsepower
  • 125 mile-per-hour top speed
  • A solar glass roof that powers the battery
  • Diamond dust in the paint

Not too shabby … and the inside is big enough for Leo and a passenger — perhaps Blake Lively?