Prince Harry Visits Salford After UK Riots

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The red-haired royal took an unscheduled trip to Salford, UK, one of the worst hit areas of the recent riots. There, he visited a local school (that partially boarded up due to vandalism) and showed his support to police officers who were on duty during the violent attacks.

The Telegraph reports that the prince was shocked by the devastation to the area. He also made quite a positive impression on the locals as he walked down the street talking to those who had been hit hard by the recent events.

One local shop owner and father of six Mr. Patel, who lost his store after vandals stole his merchandise and set his shop on fire.

“I did not expect royalty to come into my life but it felt like I had met Harry before,” Mr. Patel said. “He was just a normal person and seemed to genuinely care about what would happen to my business and the consequences for my family.”

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