Readers Respond: Does Michelle Williams Do Marilyn Monroe Justice?


Michelle Williams is set to portray Hollywood legend Marilyn Monroe in the upcoming film My Week With Marilyn, and on Wednesday we got this amazing sneak peek.

Looking as glam as can be, Michelle is most definitely pulling off the timeless Marilyn look (in our eyes at least).

While we think MW will kill it, tackling this role is a tricky task since Marilyn is still such a beloved icon. So, we took the debate to Facebook to see what our readers think of Michelle as Marilyn.

Jennifer S. didn't hold back when it came to her response: "This is horrible!!! love Michelle..however, this should of been Scarlet playing Marilyn....their will be a lot of pissed off people because of this"

Brandee H. thinks Michelle will do Marilyn justice and said: "so gorgeous!!!"

Jorge P. thinks another Hollywood blonde should have taken on this role: "I say is cool but I was hoping for Christina Aguilera to play her(hopefully she gets a good acting teacher if she gets the part)"

Shirlene P. thinks there is one element missing when it comes to Michelle as Marilyn: "She's too skinny to play the iconic Marilyn.Everyone knows she was curvy. That's defeating the whole purpose."

Angela H. is loving Michelle as Marilyn: "Perfect choice!! She looks stunning"

Such great feedback, let's keep the debate going! Tell us your thoughts in the comments!

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  • Katherine

    I agree that MW is too thin to be a realistic Marilyn. HOWEVER (!), I think that her figure fits with today's standards of beauty in the same way that Marilyn's figure fit the standards of beauty of her era. So, in that way, it makes sense; rather than trying to perfectly recreate Marilyn, the casting director seems to have decided to recreate the role that she filled in pop culture: that of a beautiful but emotionally fragile starlet. Michelle Williams looks enough like Marilyn to be believable but her body type is different enough to be a "modernized" version. I dunno, JMHO.

  • Franklin

    I agree that they use the same tired actors for every movie. I'm surprised they didn't try to cram Anne Hathaway's fug ass somewhere into this movie.

  • Sally

    To all those people who are going on and on about looks--I am pretty sure the filmmakers were looking for an actress, not a Marilyn Monroe impersonator. Michelle Williams is one of the finest actresses today and there is no doubt in my mind that she will excel in tackling the complex nature of Marilyn Monroe's personality. I think she will do a fantastic job.

  • jennyjazz

    She looks great but not as similar as I would prefer for the biopic. I wish Hollywood would look outside of the handfull of stars they tend to use in every movie in order to find a better fit for roles. So what if we arent familiar with the actor or actress, if they do a good job then we will want to know them!

  • Debbie

    I think in this photo MW looks better than Maralyn Monroe!