Report: Bravo to Delay 'Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Premiere

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Russell Armstrong Suicide
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According to The Hollywood Reporter Bravo is pushing back the Sept. 5 premiere date of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills at least a week until they decide how to handle Taylor Armstrong's story line.

Her estranged husband Russell Armstrong committed suicide Monday and while it's unknown how prominent Russell is featured this season, reports say there was footage of Taylor and Russell at marriage counseling.

Apparently Bravo and producer Evolution Entertainment met with cast members Tuesday in Los Angeles at Adrienne Maloof's home to discuss the fate of the show.

In the wake of Russell's death, it has become very clear how unhappy he was about how he was portrayed on RHOBH.

Some are urging Bravo to scrap the series altogether, others are just calling for a re-edit of Taylor's story line. What do you think the network should do? 

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  • Nancy

    Just get rid of Taylor and go on with the show... I won't watch again if she is there!!! I never liked her last year and was sick of those lips and phony acting...I like the rest of the girls but Taylor was never really that good of a fit for the show...

  • Karl Gates
    Karl Gates

    That just goes to show you how screwed up it is in the Hollywood, wanna be's. They have NO principles! Thank you Oprah! Never had a husband, never had children, never had responsibilty for anyone. It's all about me!

  • theo

    this is really fucked up. the show needs to be cancelled for the sake of the family. when a cast member actually decides to take his own life because the show pushed his psyche to the brink, is it really worth the ratings?

  • Layla

    Just edit out Taylor end of discussion. She needs to not be on the show, she needs to fade into obscurity and take care of her daughter. The other ladies shouldn't suffer because of Taylor. Everyone will always associate RHOBH with Russell Armstrong's suicide as long as Taylor is on.

  • Being Conscious
    Being Conscious

    I think the decision should be left up to Taylor and, to a lesser extent, the other ladies. Sure it's reality TV but they're just like the rest of us. I know if I was in this situation it would be family first.

  • Being Conscious
    Being Conscious

    You shouldn't judge others lives. The show only portrays a version of their existence. Mean comments and judgments such as these are really unnecessary.

  • Kisha

    I say NO because it was already taped before this tragedy.

  • Nancy couture
    Nancy couture

    It's cause Taylor pushed him to the edge she said it she wanted more what u think u would get a younger man your not that young honey and now u leave your child fatherliss makes me sick

  • Belinda Jackson
    Belinda Jackson

    That is a good idea. But it is a reality show and it is about their lives, at some point they will have to air something with him in it. But they could have a heart and show a happy moment, so if his daughter does see the show then she can remember him as that way.

  • Belinda Jackson
    Belinda Jackson

    I don't think they should cancel the show.

  • Roxanne Rice
    Roxanne Rice

    They sould just re edit this season and not show anything to do with Russell or their family life. it should be all about the girls! they should give her a chance to mourn with her daughter.