The Evolution of David Beckham: From Single Soccer Stud to Doting Dad (PHOTOS)

Beach Becks!
David Beckham shirtless at the beach!
Dedicated dad David Beckham wears his heart on his sleeve — or at least his kids’ names on his skin — and now he’s ready to take the next step in daddy-daughter bonding with his newborn Harper Seven.

His wife Victoria has been breastfeeding, so until now he’s been unable to feed his baby girl. “We’re in the process of putting it in bottles now, so that means I get to feed her,” he tells People.

When it comes to family, he says they always take priority.

“It’s just the way [Victoria and I] were brought up as kids; it’s the way we are bringing our kids up,” he adds. “We make sure that the most important thing to us is our family and we’re all grounded. No matter what goes on around us, no matter what situation it is, we come together as a family and we deal with it.”

While his dedication to his kids is totally adorable, before Becks was known as a father figure he made quite an impression with his moves on the playing field. Celebuzz takes a look at his evolution through the years — stroll through memory lane and take a look at the pics!