Celebrity Couples With a Crazy Height Difference (PHOTOS)

There are plenty of trends to come out of Hollywood, but it seems the latest “craze” is extreme height differences between A-list couples. Love really can conquer all and there’s nothing that can get in the way of the vertical divide. Just ask Kim Kardashain and Kris Humphries. At 6’9″, Kris towers over Kim, who stands at 5’3″.

Of course, the lovebirds got us thinking — what are other celebrity couples that have extreme height differences?

Of course there are America’s sweethearts Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Tom is 5’7″ and Katie Holmes is just slightly taller at 5’9″. Another drastic height difference is between Jessica Simpson and Eric Johnson. Eric has his 5’2″ fiance looking up to all 6’3″ of him!

Take a look at the rest of the photos in the gallery to see what other celebrities have crazy height differences between them!