FLASHBACK FRIDAY: Keanu Reeves in Classic Coke Commercial (VIDEO)

Everybody has to get their start somewhere! 

Matrix ass-kicker and internet meme star Keanu Reeves is one of many actors whose beginnings are documented on commercial TV shilling products to the masses. 

In an unearthed advertisement from a time before DVR, a 16-year-old Keanu strapped on his bike shorts for a bike race in which an ice cold Coke was his reward for finishing the race in second place. He later said of the ad:

“I was the new kid who falls behind but comes in second,” he told GQ in 2003. “And the winner goes, ‘Great race, kid. Who’s your coach?’ And I say, ‘My daaaad.’

“Then the guy playing my dad goes, ‘Here son,’ and he hands me a Coke. And I had the classic experience of having to drink the drink, like, six times with the director saying, ‘OK, now grab the drink. You’re the thirstiest guy in the desert and this is water!'” 

Don’t expect Keanu to be appearing in more adverts any time soon, the actor has two movies coming out in 2012, Generation Um… and 47 Ronin.

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