January Jones Flaunts Baby Bump in Lacy, See Through Blouse (PHOTOS)

bump watch!
January Jones Leaves Doctor in LA

We haven't seen this baby bump in quite some time!

Mad Men star January Jones was spotted heading to a doctor's appointment in Santa Monica on Friday afternoon and was glowing in a white top and jeans. After the doctor's she even stopped by a Taco Bell drive through. (Our kind of gal!)

We have to admit, pregnancy is most definitely agreeing with her!

We have a feeling we know why we haven't seen her around as much! JanJo has (most likely) been busy shooting the hit AMC drama, as it went back into production on August 8.

We're not sure how they'll work the pregnancy in the series (if they even do at all) but we'll have to wait until March 2012 to find out how they tackle it.

January announced her pregnancy earlier in the summer, and the identity of the baby's father is still a mystery.

Check out the rest of the photos in the gallery!



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  • Braddock

    I envy the father of her child, whoever he is. He must have immensely enjoyed the conception.

  • Christine Tyler
    Christine Tyler

    Sounds like she hooked up with someone and sabotaged the condom or went in balls to the wall when it as her extra fertile time so she could get pregnant.

  • Danila

    Before her pregnancy, she said life seems pointless without children and she was looking for a husband. “I would love to find an interesting man to date but people don’t seem to date so much any more. It’s more of a hanging out process. It’s hard to find romance, the kind of love story that carries you away. I would love to have that. I’m pretty idealistic when it comes to love.” Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner said after her pregnancy was announced that she wanted to get pregnant “very badly.” She must have gotten fed up with still being single as well as that men and women hang out together more so than date. She decided to just skip finding a husband and got pregnant because her biological clock was already ticking and it was just becoming a physical need for her.

  • newt_jorden

    Yup, must have been great

  • imdb2-32

    Must have been great to knock her up

  • julesmarie

    I just wish she were a better actress. One of the most dull and lifeless ever. How she keeps getting work, I'll never know....

  • nina

    and in a couple of years she'll be suing the rich guy who knocked her up for child support! Look at Linda Evangelista!!

  • maggie

    She looks amazing pregnant!

  • anonymous

    Just a plain old average looking blonde, nothing special