Justin Bieber & Selena Gomez Cause Mall Frenzy (PHOTOS)

Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez hit up The Shops at Liberty Place in Philadelphia on Friday, and you would think that they were any normal teenage couple going to the mall...minus the giant crowd of fans and paparazzi that followed them everywhere they went.

Selena, in a white tank, wedges, and denim leggings and Justin, in a black tee and shorts, picked up a smoothie from Smoothie King and seemed a little overwhelmed at the attention.

Despite all that though, the couple held hands during their outing this afternoon and weren't shy to show affection.

Gomez is performing in Philly tonight, and we love that the Biebs has been her number one fan.



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  • JBLOVER1994

    EXACTLY finally somone gets it

  • Blake

    Although i have to admitt thy look great together.but sometimes they like to show off just to get attention and be on the spot light.

  • Blake

    So whats special about the photo #love u justin

  • Ashley Besner
    Ashley Besner

    please he wont date you he loves selena and she is not ugly they are the perfect couple

  • kylie forrest
    kylie forrest

    justin you can find a better girl then that ugly slut

  • kylie forrest
    kylie forrest

    hot justin bieber

  • kylie forrest
    kylie forrest

    wow selina you are to ugly to be going out with him i belong with him more than you do

  • beastinsteph

    Um...i kinda think shes better off with taylor lautner. Taylor and selena were so cute when they announced the VMAs together. just sayin bro

  • Juliette

    Yeah, she's wonderful ! :)

  • Kyla Hill
    Kyla Hill

    i like her leggings

  • chrisrisse

    that should be me! hahahaa..every gurl belieber wishes but I do love someone...he belongs to our town :D

  • twilight-lover

    i just really don't understand how Selena can be Justin's girlfriend!! He isn't developed yet! Physically I mean he looks like a 13 year old boy! I mean he can have a girlfriend...a 12 year old girlfriend! I prefer Selena to be with the hot Taylor Lautner not with this ugly chipmunk

  • Alexandra

    so cute :)

  • selenaclubfans

    so cute!!!!!!

  • mariza

    I love yaa <3<3<3!!

  • me

    i am sorry but i really don't think that they look good together. she looks like his older sister!!!! i love them both but that is just what i think.

  • Emma Peters
    Emma Peters

    Oh. loving the face selena :)) .

  • Anonymous

    Got your bicycles ready, sir.

  • PaulyD's Wiffie
    PaulyD's Wiffie

    Hahah you're such a dumb

  • kewlgirl

    selena's shoes.....love it

  • Keeksil

    My god, get a life !!!!!!

  • أحمد الذبحاني
  • Maddie Widz
    Maddie Widz

    hahaha Selena: hey! do u know who ur talkin to!?! this is freakin Justin Bieber right here!! so shut up!! o_o