Kim Kardashian's Wax Figure Unveiled Wearing Wedding Dress (PHOTOS)

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If you can't wait to see what Kim Kardashian looks like in a wedding dress, you don't have to! Madame Tussauds in Hollywood, Calif. unveiled the reality stars wax figure on Thursday wearing a white gown! 

Presented by infamous blogger Perez Hilton, the dress was quite the show stopper, with lots of sequence and taffeta. What do you think of the wax figure's wedding gown? Is this Kim K.'s style? Sound off in the comments! 

Kim wrote on her blog in reaction:

"Ummmm not quiet what I would wear, but ok! LOL"
Presenter Perez has jumped on the Kardashian wedding band wagon, tweeting on Thursday: "For the next few days I am changing my name to #PerezKardashian! Ha." He also wrote: "I'm hanging w Kim now! The @KimKardashian wax figure! Looking good!"

Though her wax figure is in her wedding getup, guests won't see Kim's dress until tomorrow, August 20th, when she walks down the aisle in her Vera Wang design! 

Check out some other wax figures below!



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  • E

    Not really. Kim K is already a wax dummy!

  • E

    Wait - is that the wax figure or really her? I can't tell!

  • ryarya

    this scares me

  • courtneybaaaby

    shes not fucken cinderella, take that ugly puffy dress off!

  • sona

    you're right, in fact go to her blog and you'll see, she wrote that she doesn't like that dress, and had no idea Tussaud did something like that til Perez Hilton twitpiced her

  • jlinde

    This is such a coordinated event to maximize publicity. No one ever talks about the man pulling the strings on this "wedding": Ryan Seacrest.

  • mariah

    kim.pipo tl me iluk lyk u n evn ko me kim as ma nick name.pipo thnk jus becz am frm africa,icnt gt 2reach u bt i have thd faith that u wl gt bk 2me.i love u kim.plz gt bk.

  • maria oronoz
    maria oronoz

    no se ingles pero soy de tijuana soy fan tuya eres una mujer muy guapa y me gusta como te vistes mis hijos dicen que eres muy bonita ojala tomes en cuenta este mensaje gracias y me gustaria me escribieras adios.

  • danielleakame

    i don't think it looks anything like her...?...idk maybe i don't study her features as much as other people. why would she have the dress on the wax figure? and i don't think it is all that great...i highly doubt this is a vera wang masterpiece.

  • Jacqueline Sandoval
    Jacqueline Sandoval

    LOL I don't think this is a dress that she'd wear. And it's kinda strange that they have her in a wedding dress before the wedding...? Her wax figure looks eerie-ly very close to her real self though.

  • Kristina

    This is kind of creepy that's not even you, and it looks just like you wow someone has a lot of talent to make a wax dummy that looks like you

  • Jaimi Clarke
    Jaimi Clarke


  • judy defrancisco
    judy defrancisco

    o.m.g love it.

  • Kat


  • sona

    i don't like it, looks cheap

  • augh

    "sequence" and taffeta? SEQUINS SEQUINS SEQUINS Don't you have proofreaders on this website??

  • renee

    Don't really like it!

  • chevis splawn
    chevis splawn

    Finally Kim kardashian is happy. But her wax figure is awesume.but her wedding dress is amazing.I wish her the best.she's so beuitiful.she's my role model.Kim and Kris Congrats.

  • Julie

    Hard to tell the difference from the real Kim who looks like a living, breathing wax figure. The women in that family really need stop with the orangey makeup.

  • Valentina Gómez
    Valentina Gómez

    omg love it !!