Lindsay Lohan Strips Down in ‘Let The Games Begin’ (VIDEO)

Lindsay's Bikini Time
Lohan's summer vacation with the family.
Lindsay at the Ball Game
Post-rehab, LiLo takes in a Lakers game.
In Lindsay Lohan’s latest project, art seems to be imitating life. The troubled actress stars as herself in a new music video for Florida based rockers The Miggs. As the video opens, Lindsay is glamming up for photo shoots, running away from the paparazzi and leaving a club late at night — all while the conscious citizens of L.A. are up in arms about an anonymous graffiti artist.

How are the two plots connected? Spoiler alert!

LiLo is the one behind the Bansky-esque art! If we haven’t lost you yet, it’s worth it to stick through the spray paint montage, where Lindsay and a gal pal do a fast strip down in an alley. Watch the “Let The Games Begin” music video above and sound off in the comments.

Lindsay has been laying low for the most part following her house arrest, but did make time to pose for some racy photos with celebrity photographer Tyler Shields. The pics, which were unveiled earlier this week, show Lohan in some seriously scandalous poses, covered in blood and holding a knife and gun in some shots.