Readers Respond: 'Jersey Shore' Smoosh-Gate — Are You Team Snooki or Team Situation?

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All hell has broken loose on the Jersey Shore's Italy abode -- thanks to Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino claiming he and Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi hooked up while she was still with her BF!

We all know The Situation is privy to stirring up drama, so we still don't know who to believe in the whole mess. (If you need to get caught up, check out the above video).

Celebuzz took the debate to Facebook to see who YOU guys think is right in what we've dubbed "Smoosh-gate."

While an overwhelming amount of people claimed to be on Team Snooki, there were some people that think she could be hiding something.

Liz M. made a good point by saying: "i feel like she wouldn't be as upset as she was if she was telling the truth"

Cassie B. mentioned: "I believe Mike because of Jwow's reaction! Snook just doesn't want to her man!! CHEATER!!! Oh... and Mike is a nasty pig who should learn to keep his mouth shut before he loses all his friends, but Snookie is still a dirty cheater! Just sayin...."

Patricia J. is Team Snooki, saying: "Im with snooki all the way,the situation is always tryin to make a situation in the house,personally cant stand him!"

Taisha M. thinks this is all a ploy on the Sitch's part: "im with snooki the think the situation is only saying this because he likes snooki and dont want her to be with her boyfriend"

Even though Carmen D. isn't Mike's number one dan, she thinks that he is telling the truth: "Even though Mikes an ASS im on his side,Guys in general wouldnt dare be caught Lying about that ,theres no coming back from that"

Kaelyn A. did a bit of detective work: "& you can tell Mike is lying cus in the FIRST episode of the season he said he HASNT SEEN SNOOKI EVER SINCE SHE LOST THE WEIGHT. Last time he saw her was in Jersey last season."

Priscilla C. said: "He's probably telling the truth, but she didn't think he would have feelings for her. Plus they probably promised NEVER to say a word, especially on camera because it was probably a drunken mistake and she didn't want to lose Gianni over a drunken mistake. Now the cats out of the bag and she is so upset because she knows she messed up and now she may lose the one thing she has been searching for all along."

Adina F. said: "Snooki for sure, Mike is a Dbag. I think its funny how he claims everyone " knows I dont lie" dude thats all u do. He's untrustworthy every season..."


Once again, great feedback! Keep the debate going in the comments if you want your voice to be heard!



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  • whathewhat

    i'm team snooki if only because mike is the bigger douche of the two. also what he is saying is so ridiculous. men are absurd about this shit. unless Snooki has been secretly pining over mike for years girls don't see their friends hooking up with someone else (apparently Rider) "get horny" and then "start sucking [their guy friend's] d***"". This does not happen when the chick has a boyfriend they are in love with. It does not happen when they are making 100,000 an episode on reality TV. And it expecially does NOT when that "friend" is named Mike "the Situation" Sorentino.

  • FortyTwo

    You sure? Since you're spending time reading this story and commenting on it and all, you must give at least a small F.

  • louis palacios
    louis palacios

    im with team "I dont give a F about those dumb asses"

  • asdf

    I'm on the "Team get that crap off TV" as those people are about as dumb as a sack of nails.

  • surferx0

    Yet here you are...still reading and commenting about the show and its cast members you think are so terrible almost 2 years later... Quit fooling yourself, if you weren't entertained by the show in some way anymore, you wouldn't still be clicking on and commenting on gossip articles about it. If you dislike the show and the cast members as much as you say you do, you would simply watch/read something else and not care whatsoever for what was said in this article.

  • courtneybaaaby

    lol are you stupied, how can you not understand jersey shore, its a bout, a group of people were chosen to live in the jersey shore hhouse, and be filmed, they work at the tshirt for work, at night they go out all night and club, than take someone home to hook up/smoosh, depending what the girl or guy is like, there is love, and heart break on the show, there so much fighting with sammi and ronnie, well you may not know that cause your only in the first season, watch the next and and the season after that and you'll know what i mean haha.

  • anonymous123

    When i saw jersey shore the first time, I didnt understand it so i kept watching. I've been watching the series for a month now and I still don't understand what its all about. Is it just me or reality shows are getting nastier and or dummer? sigh:(

  • tinkerbell4013

    I think she protests too much. If there wasn't something to this story she wouldn't be so vehement about it. You can't say for a minute that she is like a church mouse, all quiet and sweet. Hell NO honey. She's a skank, has always been a skank and continues to be a skank. The Situation has shown himself not to be a great gentleman either. I mean, look at the guy, he's in his mid to late 20s, I believe, and still acting like some Jersey punk visiting the Shore for Spring Break!! Loser. The whole lot of them should fade from sight, move on with their lives, then they can come back for a 10 year reunion to show how great they are (NOT). See who has the most STDs, or babies out of wedlock? Who became a solid citizen and works for a not for profit (NOT). Everyone in that house hooks up so WHO CARES. We know you are both dirty little people and given the behavior have probably hopped onto one another for a little fast rabbit sex. I'm over should everyone else be. XO

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Team Snooki. Mike is a dirty rat.

  • Liz

    I know that's what convinced me that it was true. I think JWow's exact words were, "Mike told everyone what you and he did." So she basically confirmed it. And of course Snooki would tell JWow since she's her best friend.

  • Michelle Rhodes
    Michelle Rhodes

    team snooki for sure !

  • SARA

    team SNOOKI

  • allison rose
    allison rose

    the sitchation all the way i love snook as my fave girl though

  • miafrea

    When JWOWW tells snookie you can tell she doesn't want to say the words on camera, yet implies it is something snookie knows about. she says something like "mike told everyone *you know* ,he told *everything* ", so that is proof right there!

  • Liz

    I think it's wrong for The Situation to just reveal this on TV all of a sudden, but you can also tell that Snooki is clearly lying. I don't know whose side I'm on.

  • Kaielle

    Snooki's lying. I dont like mike too much i perfer snooki, but she's lying. She's all mad. She would be more calm about it. She's overdoing it. And for the people saying he's lying because he "hasnt seen her in a while" he didnt say how long. And SNOOKI said the last time they saw each other was two months before italy. and you can tell ronnie doesnt believe her but he's trying to be nice

  • Annalisa

    I am def. Team snooki! In the first episode mike said he hasn't seen snooki before she lost the weight!! And as of today snooki is still with her boyfriend Gianni! And why would snooki cheat while knowing this was gonna be brought up on tv????

  • courtneybaaaby

    fuck the situation, go snooki!