Readers Respond: ‘Jersey Shore’ Smoosh-Gate — Are You Team Snooki or Team Situation?

The Situation's Abs!
The best of the Situation's, er, situation.
Snooki & Her Man
The happy 'Shore' couple out and about.
All hell has broken loose on the Jersey Shore’s Italy abode — thanks to Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino claiming he and Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi hooked up while she was still with her BF!

We all know The Situation is privy to stirring up drama, so we still don’t know who to believe in the whole mess. (If you need to get caught up, check out the above video).

Celebuzz took the debate to Facebook to see who YOU guys think is right in what we’ve dubbed “Smoosh-gate.”

While an overwhelming amount of people claimed to be on Team Snooki, there were some people that think she could be hiding something.

Liz M. made a good point by saying: “i feel like she wouldn’t be as upset as she was if she was telling the truth”

Cassie B. mentioned: “I believe Mike because of Jwow’s reaction! Snook just doesn’t want to her man!! CHEATER!!! Oh… and Mike is a nasty pig who should learn to keep his mouth shut before he loses all his friends, but Snookie is still a dirty cheater! Just sayin….”

Patricia J. is Team Snooki, saying: “Im with snooki all the way,the situation is always tryin to make a situation in the house,personally cant stand him!”

Taisha M. thinks this is all a ploy on the Sitch’s part: “im with snooki the think the situation is only saying this because he likes snooki and dont want her to be with her boyfriend”

Even though Carmen D. isn’t Mike’s number one dan, she thinks that he is telling the truth: “Even though Mikes an ASS im on his side,Guys in general wouldnt dare be caught Lying about that ,theres no coming back from that”

Kaelyn A. did a bit of detective work: “& you can tell Mike is lying cus in the FIRST episode of the season he said he HASNT SEEN SNOOKI EVER SINCE SHE LOST THE WEIGHT. Last time he saw her was in Jersey last season.”

Priscilla C. said: “He’s probably telling the truth, but she didn’t think he would have feelings for her. Plus they probably promised NEVER to say a word, especially on camera because it was probably a drunken mistake and she didn’t want to lose Gianni over a drunken mistake. Now the cats out of the bag and she is so upset because she knows she messed up and now she may lose the one thing she has been searching for all along.”

Adina F. said: “Snooki for sure, Mike is a Dbag. I think its funny how he claims everyone ” knows I dont lie” dude thats all u do. He’s untrustworthy every season…”


Once again, great feedback! Keep the debate going in the comments if you want your voice to be heard!