Ryan Rottman Joins the Straight But Not Narrow Movement (VIDEO)

Ryan Is '90210'-Bound
Rottman joins the hit CW show!
Straight But Not Narrow has yet another dude talking to dudes about dudes who like dudes!

Stars like VictoriousAvan Jogia, Josh Hutcherson and Cory Monteith have all showed their support of gay rights in the campaign’s fun and informative PSA’s and now Ryan Rottman has joined in!

Best known for his role on Teen Nick’s Gigantic, the dreamy 26-year-old is taking a stand for gay rights! That’s not the only way Ryan is showing his support of the gay community.

RR is set to star on the upcoming season of 90210 as a gay college student. Love it!

Take a look at Ryan’s PSA above.

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Photo credit: Bart Elfrink