10 Things You Don’t Know About ‘Conan’ Star Jason Momoa

Jason Momoa’s star might be on the rise due to his most recent role as Khal Drogo on HBO’s hit show Game of Thrones, but he’s been hitting the pavement since 1999!

The 6’4″ Hawaii native was cast as Jason Ioane in Baywatch Hawaii back in the day, but that’s not all, click the pics to find out more about the studly breakthrough star!

The sexy thirty-two-year old actor found success in 2005 once he donned the role of Ronon Dex, a warrior from Sateda, in Stargate Atlantis. Things seemed to be going great for Momoa when unfortunately he found himself in a one sided bar fight in late 2008! The hunk was hit on the side of his face with a beer glass after a verbal altercation. Jason needed to get 140 stitches during reconstructive surgery! Ouch! Perhaps that’s where the slightly visible scar on his left eyebrow stems from?

Jason quickly recovered from the blow and in 2009 guest starred on several episodes of The Game. While he’s reigned on TV, it looks as if film is the next challenge for this proven warrior. This weekend he takes over for legendary action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, as he stars in the remake of the 1980s classic, Conan The Barbarian. To celebrate his leap onto the big screen, Celebuzz has compiled some of Jason’s most interesting facts that will get you to know him just a little bit better! 

Conan The Barbarian hits theaters this weekend. Will you be watching as Jason tackles the big screen? Watch the trailer and make sure to leave your comments below!